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I'm afraid...


I don't get to participate in Chowhound near as often as I'd like to because of work demands/business travel. That said, I can't help but sense a major change is afoot and I feel as though the folks that I've come to love and respect here are becoming disenfranchised with the evolution of Chowhound.

I'm now totally afraid that some day soon, I'll return here to find that all the usual suspects have left the building and there's nothing left but tumbleweeds, one-time posters and website/restaurant owners.

I don't want to lose this community. What's next? Does Jim Leff start a new community? Do we all go to eGullet?

What's next everyone...

  1. What's next? Good question. It's been a rough couple of weeks but Chowhound will probably carry on just not as it was nor with some of us. I think we're in the middle of a tidal bore a la the Bay of Fundy.

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    1. re: Gio

      true, it's always an evolving game that moves as you play.

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        It sure did take a lot of poster's minds off the heart controversy, though, didn't it? I know that was certainly not Chow's intent.

      2. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. There are plenty of people who continue to post, despite all the wailing and weeping over the changes.

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        1. re: linguafood

          I've noticed that there are some who have mostly stopped posting EXCEPT for these ST threads.

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            Yah, I don't really keep track of those. Too repetitive.

        2. I share your fear. I've been here about seven years and what I'm seeing now is unlike other changes that have occurred. I was emailing with a couple of CH-friends yesterday and used the phrase "reeks of desperation." The format changes/additions were pretty significant and then the announcement yesterday feels like CBS is saying "shape up or ship out." I just signed up for eGullet and have found some of my favorite, significant CHs already there.

          On a practical note, folks may want to start copying and pasting favorite threads, recipes, etc. In case we wake up one morning and the site is gone. Just sayin'.

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          1. re: c oliver

            What announcement? I must have missed it.

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                It can get a bit dicey when chefs/owners get to know eat other on a website. I think CH needs to be clear about not using CH to garner anything, or as a weapon of sorts.

          2. There are certainly a lot of new posters! More than I have ever seen before. Lots of "newer cooks" questions. I wonder if some of them recently signed up for some reason -or if they were lurkers before this-and now suddenly decided to post? Or maybe more posting on the general boards now? I find that aspect very refreshing if it keeps up. I had been thinking for a long time that this site needs some new blood and more voices on the general boards. Hopefully, the old hounds will stay on too. Best of both worlds if that happens!

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            1. I figure as long as COTM is here, I'm here.

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                Although I'm rarely disciplined enough to participate on a timely basis, I do think it's the hands down best thing on the site. And with so many recipes available online, one can frequently cook without the books.

                1. re: JoanN

                  I would say.. it's the Only reason I'm here now. That and WFD.

                2. Since the most blatant of ad-threads have been removed, I think CH has stepped back from defcon 1. Thankfully.

                  I won't lie though. Some of the recent decisions (specifically, the sitewide spread of the Q&A format, and even the temporary allowance of blatant unpaid advertising) seem to be either extremely ill-considered or just plain panicky. Either way, I'm losing confidence in CH.

                  What's next? I'll keep on posting to CH... perhaps less and less if the management keeps making bad/panicky decisions or if other posters I enjoy reading disappear from the site, to be replaced by a less interesting crowd. And in the meanwhile I'll probably post more to other sites that seem more likely to still have their lights on and their houses in order a few months down the line. I finally joined eGullet recently, after lurking for years. We'll see how that goes. Maybe this is just an unsettling little mixup, one of many CH has had over the years. Or maybe it's the beginning of the end. I honestly couldn't say.

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                  1. re: cowboyardee

                    Slip slidin’ away
                    Slip slidin’ away
                    You know the nearer Q&A destination
                    The more I'm slip slidin’ away

                    With all due apologies to Paul Simon. I'm sure I could find a song lyric that talks about drifting. I'm never going to announce I'm leaving CH in a grand gesture. But it seems that the decision has been made by the P's who B that they don't want the present cast of characters any longer (cast of Cat's?).

                    All alone in the monitor light
                    I can smile at the old days
                    I was a happy cat then
                    I remember
                    The time I knew what happiness was
                    That memory won't live again

                    1. re: Servorg

                      plus a gazillion, Servorg. Plus two gazillion :(