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Aug 8, 2014 05:12 PM


where can i find cerviche in metro detroit (preferably on the east side

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  1. really like cerviche but cannot find it in metro detroit preferably toward the east side

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    1. re: moonstone1940

      Sorry. Not on the East side. As mentioned, Mexicantown (not the main strip) has some options such as Mi Pueblo ( , which is pretty good, though it is a style having tomato juice. There probably are some even better ones. You may want to look thru the "best Mexican" archive in GL CH and then do some online menu surfing on some of the places favorably reviewed by this board.

      Most places seem to not want to deal with the quality ingredients and handling involved in preparing non-temperature-sterilized seafood.

      If you want to stay somewhat East, I would just recommend you pick up some sashimi grade mixed seafood from Noble Fish in Clawson. With simply some peppers, citrus, scallion, garlic and cilantro (plus staples such as sugar/salt/oil) you'll be just fifteen minutes away from really good ceviche.

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        Just my opinion, but find a south american place. They do Ceviche the best.

      2. The "Acapulco" food truck in SW Detroit (Vernor) did a pretty good cerviche last summer.

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          1. re: rainsux

            rainsux, You found the Acapulco truck during Summer 13? Where? We've been looking and looking. Last we heard Hernesto had gone back to Mexico, probably never to return. He did have the very best ceviche though-- apparently his wife made it.

            There is a lot of ceviche on the food trucks and in smaller restaurants in SW Detroit. Most of it seems to be bought pre-mixed though (because it is all the same ho-hum) and just scooped out. The Mexican groceries over there sell it by the pound, but again not very interesting-- seems to be made from frozen seafood "mixto" they also sell, and always comes out watery. Here's El Caballo's--

            I used to enjoy the ceviche at LaTerazza but last I had it (July?) it had slipped into mediocrity with the rest.

            If El Asador has it on their menu (and I don't know whether they do) it would probably be worth trying. I don't think he serves up purchased pre-mixed anything.

            Another place to try would be the ceviche tent at Patton Park on Futbol (soccer) Sundays. I tried it once a few years back and do not remember being blown away, but it may be just fine now for all I know.

          2. Here's Menu El Asador,,,

            1. The very Best in Mexicantown on W. Vernor is La Terranza since they specialize in Seafood they offer several Mexican Ceviche dishes to enjoy. Here's there Facebook site.