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Aug 8, 2014 03:30 PM

Looking for fresh red Jalapenos in Chicago

I'm trying to make my own chipolte peppers in my smoker. I'm just looking for a supply of fresh red Jalapeno peppers. I've looked around a little, but I am not having any luck. Does anybody know of a place? I live on the south side, but I'm willing to take a trip up north if I have to.



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  1. Not sure where you've checked so far, but any decent sized Mexican market should be a good bet. Jimenez, or Cermak Produce would be my first thought to check for stores with multiple locations.

    1. Have you checked your local farmer's markets? I just came back from the Oak Park FM and there was a stall with a large variety of hot peppers, including red jalapeƱos. No signage with the name of the farmer, unfortunately. If you decide to trek up to the Oak Park market, it is the stall in the northeast corner -- next to Wettstein's beef.

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        Saw a significant supply today at the Tony's Finer Foods in Lincoln Square, Lincoln & Foster. If there is a Tony's near you it might be worth a call.

      2. Why do you want red jalapenos? The red get to be a bit tough due to age where as the green are what is usually used.

        1. I tried a few farmers markets, including Oak Park, but it sounds like they come in a little later in the season. I was able to find some at Pete's market in Evergreen Park. They weren't the greatest quality, but I have a small batch smoking now, hopefully they will turn out good, and I can make a bigger batch later.

          I'm making a chipotle hot sauce, and maybe turning some in to powder for a chili cook off. It sounds like some people will smoke the green ones, but they usually use the red ones. I'm following this recipe:

          Thanks for all of the suggestions.