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Aug 8, 2014 03:02 PM

Day Long Snacking

So I have a unique opportunity-at least for me. I have a full day free next week. No work, no to do's, no responsibilities. I am a life-long NW resident and have spent alot of time eating around.
I am looking for chow worthy spots to stop in for a "snack". I am thinking of places for a quick taste-like a satay, a single taco, a pastry, or piece of great fried chicken. Love to find a decent empanada or small dish of ceviche.
Open early is a bonus and location not an issue. Also like to stay around $5.00 each. Hope to hit about 8 places at least. New and unique greatly appreciated. Might be hard to find.

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  1. Morsel for a biscuit - open early and now have a drive through

    Crumble and Flake opens early and runs out early

    1. A kalbi beef taco at Marination (any location, but it's a nice time of year for Marination Ma Kai on Alki).

      For fried chicken, try Heaven Sent . That's where you'll find the REAL Ezell and his original recipe. Accept no substitutes.

      Salvadoran pupusas and curtido at Salva-Mex in Burien

      Of course, it's not exactly a place for a small bite, but for me, any weekday I'm off from work is a rare opportunity to go to Salumi.

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      1. re: MsMaryMc

        actually think the best thing at ezell's/heaven sent are the spicy gizzards...yum! ditto morsel biscuits.

        my list!
        chicken wings @ pestle rock!
        shrimp and pork wontons w. spicy sauce @ din tai fung
        banh xeo @ green leaf
        fried oysters @ walrus and the carpenter
        salt & pepper tofu @ northwest tofu
        tacos al pastor @ tacos chukis
        chicken liver terrine @ le pichet/cafe presse
        and of course, oysters @ taylor shellfish

        dark chocolate sea salt caramel @ fran's
        anything croissant-esque @ bakery nouveau or besalu
        rockcreek s'mores @ rockcreek

        1. re: roolala

          What is the status of Taylor Shellfish? I thought their Sammish Bay operation was shut down due to Red Tide or some such ...

          1. re: firecracker

            Samish Bay is closed for oysters until September 30, because of the presence of a contaminant called vibrio parahaemolyticus, which has made people sick. Taylor is still up and running, selling oysters harvested at their other farm locations ( ).

            1. re: Gizmo56

              Thanks much for clearing that up, Gizmo! I feel more confident having oysters now. The Brooklyn's beer and oyster fest is in October, so I'll be keeping my ear to the ground to hear if the Samish Bay closure extends beyond the September 30 date.

            2. re: firecracker

              2 days til the snackathon. must be more recs from the hounds.

              1. re: bighound

                Paqpin already mentioned Morsel -- loved their biscuit sandos on our two visits in late June!

                If you're in Ballard, get a sour cherry gallette from Besalu and take it to Slate to enjoy with a deconstructed cappuccino. Best. Milk. Ever.

        2. +1 for Morsel's biscuits

          -Chicken, Mushroom & Rice from Piroshky Piroshky
          -Pupusas from Tropicos Breeze
          -Roti Canai from Kedai Makan or Satay
          -(Fried) Egg rolls from Tamarind Tree
          -Empanada from El Mercado Latino, Rumba or La Isla
          -Scone from Crumble & Flake
          -Coconut Corn Muffin from Island Soul
          -Scotch egg from Quinn's
          -Yakitori from Yoroshiku 4649
          -Garlic Butter Fried Chicken Wings from Hue Ky Mi Gia
          -Fried catfish from that Shell Gas Station on Beacon Hill (my guiltiest pleasure)
          -Spicy pork onigiri from Bibimbap (by the ferry dock bridge Downtown))
          -Almond croissant from Le Fournil
          -Coffee cake from Wild Mountain or Macrina

          Considering that you're a life-long local, most of those are probably already familiar to you.

          South Lake Union might have some new notable daytime options if you're willing to brave the Amazon crowds.

          I wish we had someplace similar to that Singapore-style jerky place in Vancouver. I had some last month and I'm craving it again.

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          1. re: gumption

            "Fried catfish from that Shell Gas Station on Beacon Hill (my guiltiest pleasure)"

            More details please, gumption! So hard to get good catfish at home :-(

            1. re: grayelf

              Oh, that place is so great. They're really just a convenience store that happens to have a hot deli serving all sorts of fried decadence -- chicken, gizzards, humongous jojos -- and some other random things like burritos and sausage. Their catfish is lightly breaded and perfectly seasoned... with a nice golden batter which I prefer over the gritty cornmeal type of coating.

              I learned to like fried catfish back when I lived in Baltimore many years ago and theirs is the most similar to what I remember and love.

              There are at least three other spots I know of in Seattle that does fried catfish -- Island Soul, Kingfish Cafe, and Catfish Corner -- and the Shell Station beats theirs all by a mile. Much cheaper, too. Look them up on the Y site.

              1. re: gumption

                Add emerald city fish and chips to the list. I like their catfish po boy (and shrimp po boy) and catfish and chips. Come to think of it, the dozen or more times I've been, I've never had a bad meal. They have the only breaded fish and chips I really like. Their fries are crazy good too, perfectly seasoned, nothing is ever greasy and it's all fried in front of you. Owner is a super nice guy, grew up around here and learned Louisiana cooking from his grandma.

                I'll have to check out that Shell for sure. I dunno what it is about catfish but it's satisfying to eat.

                1. re: gumption

                  Now that is a chowfind! And they have gizzards -- really gotta take my male parental unit there. Thanks for the additional intel. Love that you can ask for a sample to see if they've been under the heat lamp too long :-).

                  I've just bookmarked this thread as it has a lot of great recommendations for the type of eating I like to do.

            2. How about a piece of pizza and a pizzelle from the just opened Pizzaria Gabbiano, and then up the street and around the corner for some pasta from parent resto Il Corvo?