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Aug 8, 2014 02:50 PM

putting up zucchini and summer squash

anyone have tips on how to do this successfuly? In the past, I've made the bisquick zucchini casserole recipe and freeze that. its a nice side dish in winter but doesn't showcase the fresh veggie as much as i would like. for most of our other arden bounty, a quick blanch then into ziplocs and we eat fresh tasting veggies all winter.
im not interested in canning but alas that may the only way to do this right?

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  1. How about making some stuffed (uncooked) and freezing....I've done this a couple of times with good results. Other than that or zucchini bread, I do a lot of zip-locking myself....

    1. My default method for cooking fish is to bake it covered by a mixture of julienned (by mandoline) vegetables that have been mixed with teriyaki sauce. Zucchini and yellow summer squash are part of it, along with red bell pepper, carrots, and some form of onion. I make a lot, then freeze in appropriate amounts in freezer bags, and when I want to use some, pour teriyaki sauce into the bag and massage it a few times as it thaws. I have also used the thawed slaw, along with freshly-julienned cucumber, with sweetened rice vinegar, as a slaw. The vegetables soften upon thawing, of course, but they do that anyway in the vinegar after a couple of days in the fridge.

      1. Surprisingly grilled frozen zucchini is pretty good- grilling before freezing removes some of the moisture. It will still be very "wet" once defrosted but will make a nice addition to wintery stews and sauces once the weather turns.
        Pickled zucchini is also good, but i've only made the refrigerator pickles before.
        Zucchini "butter" is a great way to use a lot of them, freeze and use for lasagna or as a kind of chunky sauce

        1. I was told recently on this board that grated and drained zucchini can be frozen and used to make muffins and bread in the winter or whenever. I'm definitely doing this.

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            I have done this for years with good results.

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              Same here. It's also great to add to chili and stew and stuff like that. In my experience, it's better "hidden" than being showcased.


          2. thanks everyone, will probably grill the bounty today and freeze it.