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Aug 8, 2014 02:27 PM

Restaurant for corporate foodies

Hello San Diego! Neither my wife or I have been fortunate enough to visit your supposedly beautiful town, but she's going to be there for a conference in a couple of weeks and is looking for a good place to take 12-15 coworkers. The perfect place would be a chef-owned local spot with great but not pretentious food. Someone cooking great local stuff with skill and panache, no molecular gastronomy required. And somewhere where it'd be cool for a dozen people to occupy a table for two-plus hours. They're happy to spend $100 a person. Any ideas?

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  1. The general question since San Diego is very spread out - which part of SD ?

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      And of course if they have a car or pay for cab/shuttle/etc. Most conferences are either downtown/Gaslamp, but you'll see a lot in Mission Valley and a few at the Mission Bay or La Jolla coastal hotels.

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      1. Georges Modern La Jolla
        Bali Hai
        Blind Burro
        Top of the Market @ Fish Market
        Hornblower has smaller boats for groups of your size for a 2+ hour bay cruise with dinner & drinks (plan your menu) at sunset to see how friggin' gorgeous San Diego is!!

        There is always the mussel bisque at Dobsons and the water taxi to Coronado then hit up Candelas.. ; )

        1. We'll let you be the judge of SD and all it's beautiful surroundings, not to mention the climate which is flawless. As for skill and panache, nope not here but, you'll find some good recs from us CH'ers for sure. You didn't indicate where you're group is from but, Maybe Romesco's for Mex, Café Chloe if you can book it for 15, George's Modern and for the corporate feel, Roy's.

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          1. They'll be downtown. Group is from all over the country. And y'all are very sensitive for people from such a supposedly wonderful city ;-)

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              This native San Diegan actually kinda enjoys your style, 'dork. A dash of Texas with a large helping of New York City.

              Anyway, the private room at Cowboy Star downtown would suit your wife's group nicely. Check it out. [this reply reviewed twice for grammatical, spelling errors]

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                I love a sassy, smart ass tourist..

                Don't lose your snark, tip well and have fun...from another SD native!

              2. re: djdorkmeister

                I was not offended by your choice of words.

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                  All over the country where, care to elaborate, Minneapolis perhaps. Y'all be happy to rid yourself of those black flys. Y'all makes me think of NOLA not Minnie. Mcgrath had a good choice in Cowboy Star, very consistent but, no panache. And yes, we can be edgy!

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                    Flies, not flys. I'll note it before he does....:)

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                    Sorry to have snapped out at you, DKM. It's not my style. Guess I read your OP too fast and experienced a knee-jerk moment of civically chauvinistic hypersensitivity.

                    Sigh... Time for a pilgrimage to Candy Mountain maybe.

                    I hope your wife finds the perfect place for her group to dine and that they all enjoy their stay here.

                    Peace. And hang onto that snark and sass, to re-use BC's expressions.

                    BTW, I noticed today at Puesto downtown that it has a long table that fits 16.

                    1. re: DoctorChow

                      LOL. .can't believe you remembered and referenced 'Candy Mountain'.