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Aug 8, 2014 01:39 PM

RIP: Berkeley Dog Brea, Long live Berkeley Dog Irvine

North OC has lost another Chow worthy place--Berkeley Dog in downtown Brea. Fortunately our loss is Irvine's gain, since it has moved to Irvine across from UCI on Campus. In the Brea space is Elbows Mac n' Cheese (sic). I looked at the menu but it didn't look very interesting to me.

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  1. I believe the Mission Viejo location folded a while ago as well.

    1. Berkeley Dog has been in Irvine since 2011 (ate there several times visiting my alma mater), but I do agree that it's sad they have closed their Brea location. They are definitely tasty and hopefully the UCI business will help keep it afloat from the money grubbing hands of the Irvine Company (see Lee's Sandwiches becoming a Chik-Fil-A!)

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        Lee's sandwiches closed down and became a chik fil a???? If so I'm fairly amazed they could not make that location work.

        1. re: ns1

          Lee's Sandwiches worked - at least when I was an undergrad there. It was fairly busy, especially late at night with students. I think it was more about rent increase and the $$ that Chick-Fil-A could bring in for the Irvine Company rather than Lee's Sandwiches not being able to make it.

        2. re: thewongmann

          Thanks--I didn't know the Irvine location had been there so long. I went the other day when I found the Brea location closed and saw the same guys working there so I assumed they moved. Anyway, I agree, and I hope they can keep going. I tried Linx in Orange, which was really good (terrific bun, sides, condiments, fries), but I prefer the style of the sausage itself at Berkeley Dog.