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I Cannot Believe I Used to Find Mo Rocca Annoying. What Happened?

Was a time that I could not tolerate Mo Rocca. Seriously. I thought he was so incredibly annoying. Then something happened. While channel surfing, I started to watch "My Grandmother's Ravioli". Mo Rocca suddenly became less annoying and so...so..so charming!!! How could I have been so judgemental.
Gotta say, I'm now hooked on this show. I love it. I love the way he interacts with the older moms--it's really sweet.
Makes me wish I was a grannie! Glad there is another season, too. When I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I misjudged. He isn't annoying!

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    1. He definitely annoys me, but then I haven't been watching that particular program.

      1. http://wuis.org/post/mo-roccas-cookin...

        Rocca being interviewed on Here & Now (public radio) last October. Very engaging.

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        1. He annoyed me on that Foodography show but otherwise I enjoy him. The main difference would be that Foodography was scripted and his other appearances (Wait Wait, Iron Chef America, Ravioli) are more off-the-cuff.

          1. I agree. We had this discussion earlier this year - and seems a lot of folks feel the same way.


            I also find him funny when he's a panelist on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

            1. I enjoy his new show. If its on, I watch it.

              1. He is growing up and being on CBS Sunday morning means no more whiny immaturity!

                1. Aging? Doesn't it mellow people out?

                  I mainly know him from "Wait, wait..." where I think he is very funny.

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                    I've always loved Mo from "Wait, wait..." so I was predisposed to like him on FN. I've enjoyed the few "My Grandmother's Ravioli" that I've seen but I can't say that I watch it often. He is quite adorable on that show as well.

                    Foodography never interested me because I'm so sick of those behind-the-scenes food shows that don't involve any real instruction or cooking.

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                      'Mo's' problem is someone convinced him he was 'funny' when he was like eight. (I bet it was his mommy). He never got over the "I'm funny to eight year olds" schtick.
                      Maybe now someone has convinced him when he thinks he's being funny he is actually being annoying in the company of grown-ups.

                  2. I also found this show in the last week, and it is absolutely charming. It really hits that sweet spot of being sweet and cheeky without syrupy/sappy.

                    So far none of the dishes I've watched I've been completely motivated to try (a little bit with the gefilte fish recipe - but not to the point where I see myself buying the ingredients), but I really enjoy the show overall.

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                      The pork roast from the 88 year old Portuguese grandmother from Peabody, MA, looked pretty damned delicious. I want that crispy skin. I might just have to make that this winter.


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                        Haven't gotten to that episode yet. I've really just started getting into it - and also the Ecuadorian goat stew looked interesting, but I don't have a pressure cooker.

                        I have to say though, the Jewish grandmother (who'd survived the Holocaust), when she said "So I had a lousy childhood" just cracked me up. She was just this delightful character out of a Mel Brooks movie.