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Aug 8, 2014 12:30 PM

How early to reserve at bouchons in Lyon?

Hey guys,

I'm wondering when is the best time to call for bouchon reservations. Is a week in advance normally adequate (that was my plan)?

I'll be visiting/dining midweek the first week of September. I do worry that many bouchons will be closed during late August and not taking phone reservations that week before my trip, but I will try nonetheless.

For reference I was thinking of calling Le Garet, Chez Hugon & Bouchon des Filles (as well as L'Ourson Qui Boit - not a bouchon).

Yes, I know that's a lot of bouchon in a row. I've got it in my head that I'm really going to like bouchons. I will not do two in one day, I promise!

And thanks for the great insights you've all left here about Lyon, guys - it's been a big help and an inspiration.

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  1. I'd guess a couple of days ahead will be fine, but go ahead and try before you get there, if you'd like. Don't miss Daniel et Denise (original location). But I'm guessing that's a lot of bouchons for one week! You may find yourself craving a salad!

    1. If you've had a bit too much bouchon after a few days, try Le Kitchen Café, near Perrache.

      1. Thanks guys.

        And yes, ChefJune, we are also planning on Daniel et Denise on another day (but less stress there as they seem to take resys online - I don't mind making an online resy way in advance).

        I'm trying to eat salad all month in preparation for this gross overindulgence.

        If you had to leave one bouchon 'til last (in case we're bursting and need to skip one), is there one from that list you'd miss?

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          The only one on your list that I've been to is Chez Hugon. Don't miss that one!