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Aug 8, 2014 12:10 PM

Ogunquit Updates Summer 2014?

Will be visiting in about a month and wondering any pleasant surprises or major disappointments dining in this fine town. Was hoping to hear Jackie's Too has become a gustatory delight or MC Perkins Cove has slashed their prices in half. One can hope.

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  1. I recommend Frills. It's on the casual side (I feel comfortable going in my beachwear), the food is really good, and the vibe, which is a bit on the Jimmy Buffet side, is really fun.
    I prefer sitting in the bar area. Their seafood is really fresh. I had fried clams and seared scallops recently. Both are wonderful.

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      Frills sounds great. We've already made a rez at Ocean in Kennebunkport for our anniversary dinner, so low-key casual fits the bill. Looks like Ogunquit has that type of feel.