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Aug 8, 2014 11:04 AM

Twist vs. Sage vs. L'Atelier

We'll have three nights in Vegas in early October. Already have reservations at e for Saturday night (a return trip for us, we LOVED e last time we were in town). I'm thinking Raku for dinner one of our other nights. Leaving one open dinner.

Here's the dilemma: Sage vs. Twist vs. L'Atelier.

Will Twist be too experimental given that we'll be eating at e on the same trip? Has Sage declined in quality? (It seems that may be the case based on some of the reviews.) I don't see L'Atelier mentioned in the same breath as the other two very often...what is the difference in terms of cost/ambience/experience?


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  1. I think I dropped about $120pp @ l'atelier when I went. What I liked about it was not all parties were required to order the tasting menu, so me and the SO split the 17 course degustation or w/e and supplemented with additional courses a la carte.

    Some really good hits, some just ok, no real misses. Sit at the bar if you go.

    no comment on the other 2

    1. Twist is the best restaurant in Las Vegas and it is a FAR different experience from e.

      L'Atelier is fine - conveyor-belt perfection - it is overpriced imo.

      Sage is still well regarded by persons I trust, but it doesn't have the risk ---> reward aspect that Twist does.

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        ^ This.

        Twist is terrific and there will be some lovely surprises. Expensive, but you might just be amazed.

        Sage has been consistently good for us, not mind blowing, but we have a wonderful time, with each dish well executed and have never been disappointed. The price is right.

        I have not been to L'Atelier yet.

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          Here is our dilemma. We will be in Vegas on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night. We have reservations at e on Saturday. Twist and Raku are both closed on Sunday, which means we have to choose between them on Monday. Sage is open on Sunday, so we got a reservation there for that night. What would you guys choose for Monday?

          1. re: ahoskins

            I don't believe Twist is open either Sunday or Monday.

      2. We go to Vegas three or four times a year and always check out as many restaurants as possible. I used to love Sage; we went literally every time we were in town. However, after my last two trips, I've sworn it off. Some of its men is still very good, but it is much more inconsistent than it once was (used to be, anything you got on the menu would be, at a minimum, very good). Also, its high points--its great dishes--are no longer as high. I don't know what's going on, but it's definitely a restaurant on the decline. Give it a pass.

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          McClain moved back to Michigan...opened an overpriced pizza spot...the usual.

          1. re: uhockey

            Coulda stayed in Vegas to do that!

            1. re: LVI

              No no, he did open the overpriced pizza spot here - now he hangs out with his family in Michigan. :-)