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Aug 8, 2014 10:28 AM

Basic kitchen equipment and supplies?

Hi, I have a friend who has just moved into his own apartment after living with roommates/parents/girlfriend for his entire adult life (he's 33). He needs to equip his kitchen with quality equipment and supplies, and has a good enough job that he can afford quality stuff. He'll also need a good, basic cookbook to get him started, since he's incompetent enough in the kitchen that he hurt himself the last time he tried to cook.


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  1. Chef's knife
    Paring knife
    Veg peeler
    Wooden spoons
    Stainless bowls
    Cutting boards
    Cookie sheet
    Casserole/roasting dish
    Decent pot and pan set
    Nonstick pan
    Cast iron pan
    A chopper/mixer/puree machine- I highly recommended
    Ninja brand

    1. Don't try to solve the whole problem at once. Decide where to start. The first thing I would need is a way to brew coffee, then a way to cook an egg. So he needs to decide how he wants his eggs (for example) and what he wants with them, and concentrate on that.

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        @snicmhuilean -
        His budgetary freedom notwithstanding, the shotgun approach is not advisable. Figure out with him what he most likes to eat, day-in, day-out, and begin equipping on that basis. Other good starter books are Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" and, seriously, "Cooking Basics for Dummies".

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          +1 for bittman book, as well as the " how to cook everything vegetarian", even if he is not its every possible way to cook veggies, grains, soups- he could always add chicken or whatever.
          Both bittman books are also apps for purchase yet the app is not as comprehensive.

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          I agree, also. Start from what he wants to do. As for gear, I suggest he consult Cooks Illustrated online (subscribe for a year, even) to seek best-of-type tools, from skillet to pepper mill and roasting pan, etc.

        3. This is a pretty good resource, snicmhuilean:

          And for a book, "How to Boil Water" isn't bad for a start. Seriously!

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              which one? when I searched Amazon's site, there are two by that name.

            2. In no particular order....

              A high quality chef knife and paring knife
              Stainless steel measuring cups/spoons
              An enameled cast iron dutch oven (as large as he can bare)
              A stainless steel tripoly saute pan (12 inches)
              A high quality non stick saute pan (12 inches)
              Set of stainless steel mixing bowls
              Ceramic or pyrex ramekins
              Set of wood mixing spoons
              Gallon and quart sized ziploc freezer bags
              Wine steward styled wine opener and church key
              Kitchen twine
              Large high quality wood or bamboo cutting board

              This is just a start....good luck

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