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Aug 8, 2014 10:27 AM

Good places to eat in Outer Banks? (southern part)

I'm going to the Outer Banks for the first time next week and will be staying in Hatteras. Any recommendations for good food? Most of the discussions on here are several years old and geared toward the northern towns.

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  1. B-est dargonefood I ever had was coming back onto the island via ferry. We sat in this little hole in the wall with white table cloths. I had a tuna that was the size of a football, cooked perfect and had a chutney on top. Now, I am telling you it is at the end of the island on the right, right before Hatteras Harbor. Way south.
    Breakwater Restaurant - Hatteras 27943 (919)986-2733

    I still have the receipt in my wallet from 9/13/2013

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    1. Stop for breakfast at Orange Blossom Bakery for an apple ugly. They are really good.

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      1. Take the ferry south to Ocracoke Island (free). On Ocracoke you have several choices. SmcNalleys (sp)- on Silver Lake - Great View of the water and boats coming back from offshore. Open for lunch till 8ish? Often has live music. Good hamburgers, OKRA and fish. Same for the Jolly Roger - on the water - burgers, sandwiches, fish. Jason's has great fried shrimp, fish, veggies & pizza. Don't let the casual atmosphere discourage you. One of my favorite restaurants. For upscale dinner (after 5 or 5:30-7 nights), try Back Porch, Dajio's as well, but I prefer Back Porch. Zilly's is a wine, beer bar on the Back Road with a decent selection for the OBX.