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Aug 8, 2014 09:53 AM

Lots of wild blackberries

It's been a banner year on my farm. I just picked about 8 cups of perfectly ripe wild blackberries. Now I need to do something with them before they spoil. I am gluten free so things like cobblers and such are out for me. I'm thinking jam and brandy but I lack equipment and experience. I'll head to the store if the recipe sounds yummy enough. Years ago, I let a professional jam maker harvest my crop of berries and she made Wild Blackberry Jam with Brandy. She gave me a bunch of jars in exchange for the berries and it was yummy. She also sold out quickly.I was thinking of making that if you can come up with a way to sterilize the jars and avoid botulism without investing in a canning kit. I've got a lot more berries coming along which will be ripening later so I really could use some help with enjoying and preserving the riches here.

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  1. you can absolutely make any blackberry jam/preserves without a pressure canner or exotic equipment. here's the official USDA guide - you want GUIDE 7.

    It's not hard to do.

    You could also freeze them, but if you decide to make the blackberry jam with brandy, would you mind posting the recipe? it sounds DIVINE!!!!


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      One jam recipe I read simply said add a couple of tablespoons of brandy to the cooking berries in the last five minutes of cooking.

    2. It is so easy to make jam. You don't have to worry. Just boil the jars and simmer the berries. So easy. Google a ton of recipes.

      1. Great basis for a sauce with game - particularly venison.

        1. I just made blackberry ice cream using the following recipe, adding chocolate chips and 1 Tbs. raspberry vodka. I would have used Chambord but couldn't find it. Keep in mind the recipe makes more like 5 c. so make sure your ice cream maker can handle it.

          1. freeze and make smoothies year round!