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Aug 8, 2014 09:48 AM

Rosemary's Cafe -- Vegas

Saw some press coverage in 2012-2013 that Michael and Wendy Jordan would be opening a reimagined Rosemary's Cafe in downtown LV sometime this year, in the Reed Whipple Cultural Center. Haven't seen any recent news....anyone have any inside info on whether this is really going to happen, and if so, when?

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  1. The Las Vegas Shakespeare Company project is now opening in 2016 -
    Background story -

    Hopefully, we will see Rosemary's return in 2016.

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    1. re: vegasjlt

      Thanks vegasjlt. Hope it really happens. Rosemary's was an old favorite.

      1. re: ahoskins

        Alas, I am not sure that a return of Rosemary's in some form is necessarily on the table anymore. Both Michael and Wendy Jordan are teaching in Seattle (he is at the Seattle Culinary Academy), and Las Vegas may not be on their radar screens.

        1. re: QAW

          Could always email and see if he still intends on coming back to Las Vegas in 2016.

          1. re: vegasjlt

            Was certainly my favorite and nothing on the West Side has equaled it before or since. I imagine it was a burn out as nothing can be more difficult than running a consistently great restaurant. The only other place in Town, off the Strip, is Table 34 in a small strip mall on Warm Springs; probably the best food in Las Vegas that is within a price range that most of us could afford to eat at on a regular basis. It is certainly also good enough for special occasions so, though it is reasonable in price, it is exceptionally great food and I have dined in almost all of the best restaurants in LV as well as many in NYC and my home town, SFO. To qualify my opinion I do not know the owners other than I might recognize the Lady that manages the front end and likewise but we are not even on a first name basis, same with the Jordan's

            1. re: arche697

              It was the downturn in the economy that forced Rosemary's to close.