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Aug 8, 2014 09:22 AM

General Recommendations in Wake Forest, NC

Apologies if I've missed a similar recent post on this topic but we are finding ourselves around downtown Wake Forest, NC at dinner time on Fridays and Saturdays and would appreciate any recommendations for good family style restaurants of any stripe. We have been to Gonza Tacos and enjoyed that and have been told to try Main Street Grille as well but wondered if there were other gems. In particular, is there a favorite non-chain pizza / Italian place or good local tavern to check out? Have not been to Over the Falls Deli in several years--is it a good choice or are there better options? Thanks!

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  1. Tropical Pickin Chicken is hit or miss so I'm hesitant to heartily recommend them anymore but I still think they're worth a try. I'll still go there I'm in the mood for Puerto Rican/Cuban food but be advised that it may not be everything you've ever dreamed of.

    I'm also lukewarm on Main Street Grille's new Italian/Pizzeria that's on 98 heading toward Wakefield. I would tell you to try it but not to get your hopes up too high. I think the best part about Main Street Grille (the original one on Main St) are the pastries. The sandwiches are pretty good but the service is super slow and they've messed up my (simple) orders a few times.

    I've never been to Over The Falls Deli before so I can't tell you anything about them.

    For strip mall Chinese, Panda Garden next to Harris Teeter is actually very good and fast.

    You might want to check out the barbecue place called Fire Pit Barbecue near the Lowes on Gateway Commons which I recall being pretty good (not just NC style bbq) but slightly pricey. There used to be a restaurant owned by George Bakatsias called Girasole next to them which I believe is being transitioned into a new concept (same ownership) called Farm Table which should be worth trying. I'm not sure on the time frame on that change as I just read about it recently. Girasole was solid but not mindblowing American sit-down cuisine.

    Please report back on whereever you do end up. There are not nearly enough WF posts on this board!

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      Thanks very much. I had heard of Girasole but never tried so glad to know of the transition there.

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        We really like Panda Garden next to Harris Teeter. Consistent, clean, nothing has disappointed.

      2. Asian Bistro has a few very good things on the menu - basil duck, Saigon street noodles, and pad see ew we've enjoyed multiple times. But it can be hit or miss and I generally don't care for the pan-Asian-from-anywhere theme. I think the owner is Vietnamese and the Vietnamese food we've had there has been pretty good.

        Fire Pit used to be really good but I wondered if it might have changed hands within the last year. A couple of familiar faces as well as the really great complimentary chow chow were missing last time I went.

        1. Have not been in a few years, but Bella Italia was always been a good non-chain pizza.

          1. Farm Table is an excellent choice. The portions are smaller than most other places but the quality of dishes is excellent. It is my new favorite

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              Thanks again for everybody's recommendations. Just wanted to provide a quick report. So far we've been to Mellow Mushroom, Gonza Tacos (twice) and Gatehouse Tavern (twice) and back down toward Raleigh to eat at Cafe Capistrano (twice). We haven't been to Farm Table yet as we're generally doing this after soccer with younger kids in tow and so typically looking for more casual fare.

            2. I can believe nobody has mentioned Shuckers. Good sea food place.