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Aug 8, 2014 08:38 AM

Prepared Foods (frozen?) in Framingham

Hi All,

My friend just had a baby and I'm stopping by her house in Framingham on Sunday for a visit. I was planning on bringing a few frozen lasagnas from Capone's (I live in Union Square) but plans have changed and I'll be driving to her home on the way back from New Jersey. I don't want to show up empty handed so was hoping for some recommendations for a place similar to Capone's near her home. Frozen lasagna (high quality) would be great but I will gladly accept any suggestions that you think would be helpful for a new mom! Thanks in advance!


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  1. My first choice would be Waverly Market in Framingham but they are closed on Sundays. Very close in Natick is Lola's and that should work. Here is a link:

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      Thanks for the tip! Will check out Lola's. :)

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        Yes - Lola's is very good, though I've never had their frozen items. I was going to suggest Tutto Italiano in Wellesley if you were going that way, but also closed Sundays.

      2. Dream Dinners has dinners you assemble yourself for taking home. The minimum order per session is 36-servings.

        1. This may not be too convenient, depending on where in Framingham your friend lives, but Verrill Farm, in Concord, offers a large selection of very good prepared foods (in addition to other deliciousness in their expanded farmstand). It's about 20 minutes north of the Route 30 exit off of the Mass Pike (via Routes 27, 126 and 117), so you'd have to decide whether it's worth the detour.

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            If you're in Concord, La Provence also has a lot of delicious prepared food.

          2. Another style of prepared foods, Russian, is available at Baza, the Russian/International supermarket on Tower Street, just off Needham Street almost at 128 in Newton. The street is named for the huge communications tower, truly a "can't miss" landmark. (Just past the former Filene's.)

            They are open on Sundays. At the far left wall they have a salad bar and a hot bar. En route, along the back wall, is the deli.

            The salad bar has all sorts of prepared salads, not trays of grated carrots, etc. The hot bar varies from day to day, but can include duck legs, chicken breasts, various "cutlets" which are patties or balls made of vegetables or mushrooms or ground meats, lamb shanks, fish, etc. All of these will keep well for several days in the fridge. The hot dishes can be frozen.

            Use the plastic tubs rather than the styrofoam boxes if you can.

            Then you have to pass the baked goods to get to the cash registers!

            It's a bit of a detour from Framingham, but you can't get this stuff anywhere else around here that I know of.

            1. Shaw's in Sudbury (just over the Framingham line, up Edgell Road) carries the Francestown Village Foods line in their frozen section.