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Aug 8, 2014 08:32 AM

Can't make Paris this year, go to L'Amand

What a great lunch with Chowpup! Sitting on red chairs in a comfy patio surrounded hard by the dozens of tour buses trolling the BHills Jungle - eating really delicious French Frenchy food - Huge bowl of cream of carrot soup with is little packet of croutons in a paper cone to add when you actually eat it. Then my fave, baguette with lots of french ham, butter and a heap of salad on the side, good dressing. Coffee of course, then a Swiss walnut tart. I'm in LOVE. They serve breakfast all day - spacious well designed interior and very nice service.
9530 Santa Monica Blvd between Camden and Rodeo

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    1. re: TonyC

      Chowpup says "very good" croissants.

    2. You might also find the Weho Bistro on La Cienega @ Holloway in West Hollywood to your liking. Very good croissants, superb French bread, many a quality omelet, with breakfast served all day, with convenient parking in that structure it shares with the CVS store next door
      Weekend brunch is very busy, even with many outdoor tables fronting on Holloway. Across Holloway from Palihouse Hotel.

      1. I agree, wholeheartedly.

        Went walking with a friend the other day, dodging those annoying tour buses (trolling is a great description) with a few dollars in our pockets, and impulsively stopped in to L'Amand.
        I've driven by it a thousand times but never stopped.
        So glad I did because it will, undoubtedly, become a wonderful addiction.

        1. I stopped by today and bought a baguette. It was very good-looking: nice crust, just dark enough and with lovely hash marks. Unfortunately, it was awful. I got it at 11:30 am and it tasted stale, although I'm sure it was baked fresh this morning. Even worse, the flavor was horrible. It tasted sweet, as if they had added sugar. FWIW, my standard for comparison is the baguette at Republique; for me, it even bests Bread Lounge's offerings.

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