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Aug 8, 2014 08:08 AM


Looking for a cool diner downtown

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  1. Define "cool" (do you mean young crowd, people watching, low key, etc.) and where exactly downtown.

    1. Ditto to Citykid's questions. Empire Diner is Chelsea, it's higher end type ,and it looks like an old fashioned diner, if that's what "cool" means, but is Chelsea downtown? 57th street has Brooklyn Diner , probably cool in a lot of ways, but that is uptown I guess.
      THeres the Square Diner in Tribeca, the only cool thing about Square Diner is it looks like an old fashioned , stand-alone, silver colored diner. Tribeca is cool but Square diner sucks, better off going to Walker's for a burger. There are no cool diners downtown. Gee Whiz in Tribeca is a Greek Diner, has the same menu as most diners, but it would be called a coffee shop , nowadays.

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        Gee Whiz is a good rec. Too bad OP doesn't want a Greek Diner.

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          All diners are Greek diners,,, aren't they?
          Oh Trockwood reminded me of a place called Mi Chinita on 8th and 18th that no longer exists. it was a Aluminum shiny or stainless diner serving Cuban and Chinese food.
          Moondance diner and Market diner used to be downtown, no longer exist

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Oh Mi Chinita! I miss the place! There were many Chinese Cuban restos in that area, but they've all disappeared, I think. I worked at a publishing company on 17th street, and MC was our payday treat. When i finally found another job [one that actually paid MORE than I could get on unemployment], I took my parents to lunch there.

            Dad swept in with his financial district duds [suit, hat, the whole works], started with their excellent espresso, then wonton soup and the cuban pot roast, and declared it one of the best meals EVER!!!

            Now, why do i remember this so very many decades later? No matter. great memories.

      2. Not your typical greek diner

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        1. Downtown? Below 14th Street?

          Not much down here. . .Denny 's should be open in a couple of weeks .

          Is the Stardust Diner still around ?