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Aug 8, 2014 07:44 AM

Charles County Barbecue?

I'm going to be in the Indian Head area pretty much all day tomorrow. Driving from College Park to Pomonkey with plenty of time to stop for lunch. I want to find some good barbecue on the way.

I've driven past Johnny Boy's a few times but have never eaten there. I've read mixed recent reviews. Anyone eaten there lately? What about some of the other ones in the area like Dale's or Texas Ribs & BBQ? Any suggestionsw?

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  1. Sorry if this message is late.

    For my money, Dale's Smokehouse near Indian Head has the best ribs down there. George's, very close by is good as well.

    T&J's on nearby Rt. 236 has been consistently strong, but I think Dale's edges them out. The smoked chicken at T&J's was very good.

    Hope you had some good barbecue for lunch.

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      I ended up going to Johnny Boy's. I had the rib and chicken combo, with baked beans and greens. The meat was kind of disappointing. It was cooked right (smokey and tender) but too salty. Sides were decent, not great.

      Next time I'll try Dale's.