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Aug 7, 2014 11:08 PM

Lower East Side delicious delivery options, with special considerations...

Looking for lower East Side delicious delivery options, with special considerations...

My adorable sister has been hospitalized (first time since she was 7 and had her tonsils out) since Sunday with a serious case of food poisoning. Today, Thursday, was better - first solid food. She said even the hospital food tasted great. She thinks she'll be discharged tomorrow.

We'll be staying at The Hotel on Rivington. If she needs more rest or doesn't feel like eating out for dinners (or whenever) I'll stay with her and send the men off on their own.

=== Plan A - we stay in for dinner, but are still looking for real dinner

I read somewhere that Costata delivers?
She enjoys steak, esp fillets

Any other good options?

=== Plan B - we stay in for dinner, and just want something light, maybe soup.

Is Essex Market take-out an option?

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  1. Oh no!! What a horrible experience! :/ hopefully she recouperates quickly with your TLC....

    Costata delivers via the Caviar service:

    There were some issues with caviar initially, but they've been around a while now so hopefully they have ironed out the kinks.

    There are a number of great restaurants who deliver via caviar, including Katz for their matzo ball soup (ask for matzo ball packed seperate from broth so it doesn't get soggy


    Otherwise you're not far from the whole foods on Houston and bowery and could pick up some of their broth and crackers or yogurt or whatever does sound good.

    1. Essex St Market closes a bit on the early side for dinner takeout.
      Monday - Saturday: 8am to 7pm
      Sunday: 10am to 6pm

      2nd Avenue Deli delivers anywhere in Manhattan. It's pricey but worth it if you haven't been feeling well. Their chicken in a pot is great. Would some matzo balls hit the spot?

      You could also try some pastrami and/or chicken soup from Katz's. They're on GrubHub.

      Hope she feels better soon & the rest of your trip is better!