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Aug 7, 2014 11:03 PM

Eggplants - big, small, short, tall, round, thin, black, white, purple, green....

Hey everyone!

I was recently gifted with some gorgeous eggplants recently and I have been trying to figure out what to do with them since they are all different colors, shapes and sizes.

With all this variety, I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to what would best showcase them?

I've used some of the smallest ones to make a light pickle but still have many more left. Doing a ratatouille or something similar would be a pity since they would all cook down to a similar appearance.

So fellow chowhounders, any ideas on how to use up this cornucopia of eggplants?



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  1. God, I love a good eggplant!!! But I might not be much help….I would probably just slice (or cube) and roast them all….I would eat them cold, or in a pasta (with feta and roasted cherry tomatoes and carmelized red onions) or on top of a pizza, or breaded for some eggplant parmagiana...

    1. Roast the small ones whole, good as is or make baba ganoush. With the larger, make eggplant meatballs, roast rounds for eggplant parm or eggplant casserole. I always have roasted rounds frozen and ready to go on pizza. Cube, fry and add to a sauce over pasta. Larger ones, cut in half, remove the centers and fill with sausage and roast. Can't get enough eggplant!

      1. You know, I've been thinking about this all day and, honestly, I can't think of many ways to cook eggplant that preserves it's beauty. That said, I'm totally in love with a pan fried/roasted eggplant dish this summer. In a nutshell, cut unpeeled eggplants into 1/4" (approx) baton shapes, add oil to a CI skillet, and stir fry. Toss in scallions and a couple of chopped thai peppers to taste. Add some sesame oil, soy sauce, and chili black bean paste and toss. Sprinkle roasted peanuts and chopped cilantro over and serve. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. It is all good.