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Aug 7, 2014 10:49 PM

Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh- 1 dinner Each; Ethnic or Other

The last week in August, My Love is going on a long-dreamed-about 10 day trip to Scotland (first time)for golf. As part of a golf raters' group, food will mostly be provided at their hotels. But could you make suggestions for him for those 3 dinners above? He enjoys most foods, including Indian and Chinese (which might be welcome for a change up, I am thinking)and he is fine with walking or taxis. And places that are not the most expensive option- would be best. He does hope to have alot of seafood on his trip. We live in the Boston area.

I do alot of posting of suggestions for CHs visiting Boston, so I know it can be annoying when CH visitors haven't done any homework on their own, but in this case, I'm just trying to get him a few restnt names (without making it a biiig project.) Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. I have mentioned it a few times here, but in Edi which is Thai really does do it with lovely seafood - monkish, scallops, jumbo prawns and king scallops - and that isn't necessarily typical. So might be good if he fancies both seafood and "ethnic". Otherwise if he has a group and is bored of more Scottish type food, Yes sushi on Princes street does fun hotpots.

    1. I think Contrast Brasserie in or near Inverness is supposed to be very good. We're going to be in that area at about the same time, but I haven't done much research about dinners as the trip may have to be postponed due to my husband having surgery.

      My ex was did a Scottish golf trip, and it was wonderful!

      1. Edinburgh - I find it hard to get past The Kitchin

        Aberdeen - Silver Darling (seafood)

        Inverness - I'd suggest Rocpool. Not because I've tried it but because it isn't Contrast Brasserie, where I have eaten and had indifferent food and very poor service -

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          Ah, good to get your opinion about Contrast Brasserie before we consider eating there. As it turns out, we may not even make it up there in a few weeks. They rescheduled my husband's surgery from Oct. 31 to August 21. Now it's all up in the air.

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            I know all about surgery messing up a holiday. I'm due a kneee replacement in early September and have had to cancel our villa booking in Spain. Even worse, the travel insurance isnt going to cover it (nasty little bit of "small print" in their conditions) so we're many, many pounds out of pocket.

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              Oh, that's awful, John. That small print can be nasty. Spain will be there when you are walking like a 20 year old, but it's terrible to lose money. It's one reason I never book a room that can't be cancelled, even if it costs a wee bit more. Stay tuned.. if the husband can make the trip he probably will try.

        2. just wanted to thank youall for your suggestions. I made a copy of them for him and he leaves tomorrow.He's looking forward to having some lovely seafood over there!

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            I'm going to Scotland in less than two weeks. I'd love to hear what his experience has been.