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Aug 7, 2014 09:24 PM

Recs in Bend?

Heading to Bend next week and wondering what your favorites are? we have a 6 y.o. and 3 y.o. who are pretty well behaved, but would love some places where they could easily join us. We love trying new places and are open to any suggestions! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Aspenglow is great for breakfast, never had lunch there. Your kiddos ought to like it

    1. haha. i read your post and was like "I must be losing it... when did i post this and when did i become foodseeker." we are heading to Bend as well next week and also have a 6 and 3 yo that i would charatcterize as pretty well behaved. look forward to the replies!

      1. We really enjoyed La Magie Bakery and Cafe for breakfast one morning and McKay Cottage Restaurant was another very good breakfast spot.
        Loved 10 Barrel Brewing Co for their wood-fired pizzas and excellent beer (their bottled Swill was recently recalled but if they've got it on tap, try it!).

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          Thanks, super helpful...

          One final question. we're driving from PDX to Bend (Brasada) tomorrow and need a place somehwereh in between to stop for lunch. Any recs? I've seen TImberline Lodge and Ice Ace Grill, but open to other ideas.


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            Got too late - sorry! I have never driven that route from Portland to Bend. We live in McMinnville and travel by Hwy 22 to Central Oregon. I hope you found something good for lunch - report back!

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              We loved Bend. It was rainy this week, so we spent a lot of time walking downtown rather than doing hardcore outdoorsy stuff...

              Dang's Vietnamese. This place is a gem. The food is delicate and tasty. Very high quality ingredients. Turned out the owner is from the Bay Area and moved there to get out of the rat race. We were shocked to find this place in a small town, but it's as good as anything I can find now in the Bay Area.

              Deschutes Brewery and Public House. Decent enough beer and bar food. We went for lunch. For a brewery type restaurant, I thought it was a 7. Pretty good, but nothing to write home about.

              Ranch House at Brasada Ranch. We ate here a few meals. Everything very well executed. Given the # of cows I saw, I have to assume steak is a specialty here and my flatiron was perfect. Tender, beefy steak that was perfectly cooked to my liking.

              La Magie. We stopped by for pastries. The smell is intoxicating. Had a few croissants. I'd go back to try a meal, as some of the items seemed really interesting.

              Goody's. I'm a sucker for old school ice cream / soda fountains. The ice cream is perfect texture and consistency. Not too creamy like gelato, but not icy at all. My wife and I both had the coffee ice cream with chocoloate covered expresso bits. Perfectly sweetened.

              Overall, bad weather not withstanding, I loved this town and can't wait to come back. I amy wait a year or two for my youngest to hit 5+, so we can do a more active trip with fly fishign, rafting, etc.

              Thanks for all the recs!

              We drove back pretty standard path along the way to Mt. HOod. We did a quick stop at Timberline Lodge and it was pretty cool seeing people skiing in the end of August.

        2. Victorian Cafe!

          Such great breakfast/brunch. They have a huge variety of eggs benedict and they are seriously rockin.

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            Try the Caribbean Benedict at Victorian Café. It will change your life.