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Aug 7, 2014 08:17 PM

Paralia (formerly Trinity Taverna) on the beach - still too loud/bad service?

Wondering if anyone out there has been to this place lately - I'm thinking of going with a friend on Saturday afternoon for appetizers and a drink, but have been put off by reports that the service is terrible, and that the music is night club level loud, and that unless you are a party of four or more you will not be allowed to sit on the patio. Can anyone confirm/deny these stories?

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  1. Did you go? We're going as a group of 8 tonight, can't avoid it but I want to know what to expect!

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      Sorry I missed your post - no, we didn't go because our plans changed. Let us know how your experience was. I was walking past one sunny afternoon and it seemed quite empty. I hated seeing a giant TV suspended over the patio area. Do the owners think we are all morons who need to be drip fed infotainment and televised sports 24/7 to inoculate us against thinking for ourselves, and hey, having some conversations about meaningful things.

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        Not to mention it's one of the very few patios RIGHT ON THE WATER!! This makes me really angry for some reason, I need coffee!

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          Maybe the TV was installed for the World Cup? It seemed most patios in TO had TVs hooked up, so I'm not surprised that Paralia would hook up a TV.

          I don't think Paralia is the kind of place where most people go to have conversations about meaningful things.
          Paralia does tend to be sceney, compared to the other Greek restaurants in town. Plenty of upscale waterfront patios in Greece are pricey, loud, sceney, and sometimes come with rude service, and I think that's what Paralia is trying to replicate. ;)

          Volos might be a better Greek restaurant for meaningful conversations. Most Danforth restaurants play Greek folk music or pop music that will compete with meaningful conversation. ☺

          I haven't been to Paralia since the name change, so can't comment on the food or service.

          1. re: prima

            I'll go to a place with good food, good service, low level music. And I will tip very well.
            Too much to ask??

            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              Not at all, but I don't think that's the formula Paralia is using. Paralia is using the louder music and sell more drinks business formula.

              Volos will deliver good food, good service and low level music. I haven't been to Avli in a long time, but it used to be relatively quiet, as well.

            2. re: prima

              That's a good point - we had a better meal with better service at Volos, at a similar price, and I felt much better about spending that sort of money.

              1. re: gembellina

                Just went to Volos for dinner - LOVED it, and despite it being packed with diners (even in the bar area) my companions and I never had to raise our voices! Amazing. Food was great, and service was efficient and caring.

        2. The torrential downpour on Friday night meant the patio was not an option, so the 10 of us sat inside. We had a long table right next to the kitchen, which meant there was a lot of sizzling and shouting, but we couldn't hear any music. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

          The food was really very good, and it looks like they've corrected some of the things that other have complained about - for example, the dips now come with pita included for $9. The grilled calamari was fantastic, tender and charred with juicy cherry tomatoes and olives. Husband's octopus was also great, sort of sweetly sticky and smokey, with a bit of crisp at the thin end of the tentacles, and very meaty and firm at the thick end. My lamb souvlaki was fantastic.

          The wine list was interesting, I don't know anything about Greek wines so it was nice to try one. that being said, it would be nice if there was non-Greek wines at less than $110 a bottle...

          The service was sloppy though. Waitress was a little spacey and forgot a lot of things, including bringing a requested gluten-free starter with crispy gluten bits still on top, and forgetting my rice substitution despite having a long conversation about an extra charge.

          Overall, I just can't make up my mind. The food was excellent, but I still felt ripped off. I guess at those sort of prices, I expect the service to be flawless, and Lakeshore/Woodbine doesn't seem like the right kind of place for a scene-y restaurant.

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              1. re: happycamper

                That article barely mentions the food at Paralia - it's mainly discussing the people running for councilor. James Sears is better known as Dimitri, who wrote many restaurant reviews which he posted on tor.eats in the late 90's and onwards.

            1. Went back for a Sunday lunch today and, other than the annoying big screen TV, had a lovely meal. It was nearly empty and thus quiet enough to have an easy conversation (music wasn't too loud either), and we had no problems at all with our attentive and helpful server. Even better - we really enjoyed the food!

              Here's the rundown (the menu is not quite the same as what's posted online):
              - melitzanosalata - their own version with eggplant, dates and pine nuts; very nice, velvety and not too sweet
              - keftedes - surprisingly delicious, toasty, and lighter than you'd expect
              - grilled calamari - expertly done, nicely scorched in places, and very tasty with smoked paprika and chili
              - lamb chops - outstanding in texture (so tender!) and flavour, possibly my favourite dish of the meal
              - cyprus grain salad - delicious! grains, almonds, coriander, parsley, capers, pomegranate, yogourt
              - fasolakia - straight up, nicely cooked green beans in garlicky tomato sauce
              - horta - particularly tasty/lemony mix of dandelion, swiss chard and collard greens
              - moussaka (vegetarian, with forest mushrooms, potato, eggplant) - unbelievably rich, best to have only 1-2 bites (thankfully we shared the dish with our whole table), but super-tasty
              - desserts: the feta cheesecake was REALLY good!! - might need to go back just for this; also enjoyed the walnut cake with the coffee mousse and little bursts of candied cardamom, and the baklava with apples and cinnamon. The lemon cake was too coarse for our taste but the dried cherry sauce was yummy. And overall none of the desserts were overly sweet.

              To sum up, I would definitely go back if I: 1) was in the area looking for something better than The Tulip and more formal than Burrito Boyz or Burger's Priest, 2) didn't mind paying a lot, and 3) was there when it's quiet!