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Aug 7, 2014 08:12 PM

Azasu Japanese "street food" and drinks

I didn't seee any posts on CH. But I found this place tonite on Clinton St. I think its been there since May. They have things like potato salad, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, fried chicken, curry dishes, gyoza, meatballs more more.
They have sake in the glass ( single serve) with a lid on it. Shochu, and Hoppy Beer. What I didn't know until I got home and googled the place, is that the owners are the owners of Yopparai, a place I like quite a bit as do other CH'ers.
Here's a quote from Eater or somewhere ( i forgot where) about the drinks.

"There are only a few places serving Hoppy stateside right now. One of them is Azasu, the new casual izakaya from Yopparai owners Gaku and Christy Shibata, where it is poured into a frosty mug over a shot of slushy, frozen shochu. In Japan, the shochu is chilled down but not completely frozen. Taking the shochu to the next level of cold creates an ultra-cool, refreshing drink that tastes how you wish a light beer tasted: The first sip is sweet foam, then there’s a hit of icy shochu, which floats to the top, then the flavor of crisp, thirst-quenching beer. “The people who try it really like it,” Christy says. “A friend of mine tried it and days after told me, ‘I keep dreaming about Hoppy.’”

Right now, the classic Hoppy drink is the only way to drink Hoppy at Azasu but there are talks of adding it to the restaurant’s frozen yuzu shochu drink to make a sort of Japanese beergarita—which sounds like it could be an icy home run."

Worth checking out. It was not crowded tonite.

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  1. I have many Hoppy stories and none of them good. It's basically a vehicle for making korui shochu last longer, cheaper than beer, and usually enjoyed by old guys that chain smoke. But the description above certainly sounds more appealing.

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    1. re: Silverjay

      You live and learn. I find it all interesting. I remember an old woman stirring shochu into a big pot of tea with a big wooden spoon, and serving all these old guys who were eating noodles. I guess the tea may have been a way of stretching the shochu.

      1. re: Silverjay

        I have fond memories of Hoppy as a cheap drunk enabler at Andy's in Yurakucho. Then again, maybe I don't have too many memories, the alkali chemistry in Hoppy would regularly wipe out swathes of my mid-term memory.

        1. re: Uncle Yabai

          Hoppy and Denki Bran were punchlines for awhile. In Japan, have they swung back into favor as sort of retro chic?