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Aug 7, 2014 07:51 PM

Best place in GTA for baba ghanoush?

So far, my all time favourite for its smokiness and depth of flavour is the one at Jerusalem Restaurant on Eglinton Avenue West, next would be Tabule on Queen Street East. Am looking for more recommendations, including store bought options - even though I think I reached the lowest of the low with Presidents Choice - my excuse for buying this pot of garbage was that I had no time to make my own or get to Tabule - the second ingredient in PC's is mayonnaise, and it also contains sour cream and sugar. I hope no Middle Eastern chefs are reading this :) It tastes like Miracle Whip laced with juice from a jar of commercial pickles. So let's consider that the baseline for BAD baba ghanoush and get some good suggestions for restaurants or stores that produce the real deal.

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  1. Have to chime in to say that Me Va Me's baba ghanoush is made with mayo. It was a bit unexpected and I had to ask them the ingredients. I definitely prefer tahini in my baba ghanoush.

    Tabule is on my list of places to try.

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      I'm so disappointed to hear that about Me Va Me's baba ghanoush - I heard they were opening a location downtown and couldn't wait to go because their falafel is supposed to be amazing..... but mayo in the baba? Tahini is an absolutely essential ingredient in this classic dish, mayo is an insult to the eggplant! Do try Tabule and let us know what you think - I love their falafel, made from scratch, nice and crunchy outside, spicing is just right. I've also had their lamb dinner and various other dishes, and have taken picky vegetarian friends there who loved it. They have 2 places, haven't been to the one around Younge/Eg, but the room on Queen East (short stroll east from Broadview) is lovely, a cool modern take on ancient middle eastern motifs, and the service has been top notch and very hospitable each time I've been. They mention a patio on their website although I haven't seen it, and they deliver to a limited local area!

      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

        I did a quick Google search and it seems mayo is not unusual in some Israeli baba ghanoush recipes.

        Thanks for the heads up about Tabule. Their Queen East location is definitely on my where-to-eat list :)

        1. re: mrsleny

          Oh, the tahini is there but the mayo just rounds it out. Mayo is not an insult, just think of it as additional extra virgin olive, a free range yolk and squeeze of fresh lemon.
          Thanks for the heads up on the East location, looking forward to trying it soon.