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Aug 7, 2014 06:48 PM

Great Wolf Lodge (Scotrun, PA) - lunch option found!

Hi all,

Was trying to find a decent place for lunch near GWL and hadn't seen an updated post in a while. We discovered a yummy Puerto Rican place in Tannersville (5 minutes away) called El Rincon del Caribe. Had delicious rice + beans, plantain and grilled chicken. My kids also really liked this kind of meat patty made with green plantain (alcapurria). We had flan and tres leches cake for dessert. There are a few tables to eat-in or you can call ahead for take-out. It was better (and cheaper) than the food offerings at GWL itself.

We ended up having to eat dinner and breakfast there -- buffet was adequate - could find what to eat but it was quite pricy. A lot of people seemed to be getting take-out pizza from the pizza place on site.

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