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Should Orange County have their own board?

I am sure this topic has been discussed previously, but the food scene in the past 18-24+ months here in the OC has improved so dramatically, I say we deserve our own board. Personally, I rarely get up to Los Angeles and while completely respect their food scene, usually toggle thru the LA issues because they do not really concern me.

I think it's time.

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  1. I say GO FOR IT!! It would be nice not to have to wade thru and search for OC on the LA baord when looking for recommendations in the OC.

      1. While it's true that the Orange County dining scene has improved very much (esp. Chinese) over the past few years, I'm not sure it still makes sense. It's still technically the same metro area and there are many mini-chains that span both counties. Additionally, DC and Baltimore have a single board between both of them (and it helps that tourists typically lump trips between the two) and I feel that's similar to LA/OC.

        Not totally opposed to a separate OC board but I don't see the need either, essentially.

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        1. I'm in L.A., but I think it would be nice for you folks to have your own board. It would make it easier for you to connect with like-minded OC locals and build a rapport, and have meet-and-eats (if that is your thing -- it's a nice feature of the L.A. tribe for me), and just in general, be able to self-determine the "culture" and vibe of your OC discussions without getting talked-over by all the L.A. banter.

          I think it might also have a good side effect, even if it's a minor one, of possibly encouraging more restaurants to set up shop in OC. Basically, as "content creators" on this site, we are serving as guerrilla PR for our local faves when we talk about them amongst ourselves. It would be great for OC to get that sort of crowd-sourced boost of interest for your local faves as well.

          Of course we love having OC'ers keep us L.A.'ers up to date on your local dining, and I would hope you guys would keep adding your voices to the L.A. posts, but I kinda hate that sometimes OC gets treated in a slightly less-than manner here.

          I vote yes.

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          1. Yes, to easier and faster viewing.

            1. I'm in OC (I know you're all absolutely floored by that revelation), and I've had that thought, too. BUT, I have really come to enjoy posts from the LA posters, and I get to LA just enough to stay interested in those posts.

              Also, I don't think that there are enough postings about OC to warrant having its own board. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that I have gone days at times without seeing a post about OC.

              What I've come to do instead is keep an eye out for posts by (in no particular order, and apologies for any omissions) Porthos, josephnl, js76wisco, JAB, OCAnn, OCEllen, etc.

              So chalk up a no-vote from an OC poster.

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                1. I'm in favor of it. It would be nice to see a restaurant review, want to go, and find out it is on the far other end of the galaxy.

                  1. I concur with OC Steve. I don't think there is quite enough content or commentary for the OC to have their own board yet.

                    I also don't mind having to search or scroll through all the posts to find OC specific restaurant info. Plus I'd never be able to read through Kevin's posts to get me through the day.

                    1. Please, please, please! OC is so vast in its own right!

                      1. Steve and js76,

                        I think that's the rub.....there aren't enough OC postings, because we don't have our own board and because we don't have our own board, people aren't as apt to post.

                        1. I just moved to Long Beach, and I'm trying to explore being on the cusp of OC but I'm finding it very hard because I have to search for specific cities/areas on the LA board. I can't *just* search for "Orange County"--I have to search "Seal Beach," "Huntington Beach," "Westminister," "Los Alamitos," etc. It's honestly a pain. So I vote, yes.

                          1. I live in San Diego but grew up in OC and have made the occasional jaunt up to LA over the years. No doubt LA requires its own board, but I have always wondered why San Diego gets it own board when OC doesn't. Size-wise, there's no question OC should get its own board if SD does. And I know this is much more subjective, but food-wise, as much as I love my new home, I find OC generally more diverse, progressive and dense than SD currently.

                            Many parts of LA and OC aren't really all that local to one another from a time and logistics standpoint.

                            And I also think that there would be more OC posting if OC weren't eaten up by LA, which it naturally is when thrown under the same topic.

                            Clearly, I vote yes. :)

                            1. A population of 3.1 million should deserve it's own board just by the numbers. I have to agree that one of the reasons I'm pretty sure there aren't more OC-specific posts on the LA board is that they are dwarfed by LA traffic. That may be cause to negate an OC board, but I really think an OC board wouldn't flourish until it flew on its own.

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                              1. re: Midlife

                                My point is that I think people may be reluctant to post OC topics (especially SOUTH OC) because there's comparatively little OC subject matter on the LA board. It may be a chick-and-egg thing, but I personally sometimes don't post because I don't think I'll get much response.

                              2. I would love an OC board. I get frustrated trying to find posts on the LA board and usually end up looking elsewhere which isn't ideal. We may be close geographically but not so much logistically. I would come here a lot more often. And to be honest it would be nice to avoid the anti-oc sentiment sometimes expressed. We know LA trumps us in options but that doesn't mean we don't have plenty of great places and I would love to be able to find out more about them.