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Aug 7, 2014 06:06 PM


Worth waiting in line? We are from Minneapolis but travel to Austin often and always see a line around the corner. My husband and one of our sons are coming over Labor Day and are making their food list.

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  1. Not really but it's a good burger. You'll likely be disappointed though.

    1. I am a Hopdoddy fan. The line moves fast, and you can order drinks in line. It is pricey and definitely not the ordinary burger - they have about 12 different ones. My fave is the mushroom burger to which I add bacon.

      1. I don't think their hamburgers are any better than a homemade one, so I say no. For some reason lots of people like it (I wasn't impressed enough to go back and try it a second time), but waiting in line for it would be a waste of time for someone coming from out of town.

        1. You might have better luck finding a shorter line at the Anderson Lane location.

          The burgers are good, with interesting toppings, and you can tell it's high-quality beef. But for me, a top-tier burger needs either flame-broiled flavor or a caramelized crust from a hot flattop, and Hopdoddy doesn't do either of those.

          1. If you want a great burger, go to HEB meat dept., get the prime brisket steak burgers, bacon cheddar buns in the bakery, buy a cheap grill and enjoy one of the many great parks in Austin.
            I'm only serious.

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              More often then not in the summer there's a burn ban in city parks. The grilles at my local park are secured with heavy trash bags, so I assume a ban is currently in effect.