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Worth waiting in line? We are from Minneapolis but travel to Austin often and always see a line around the corner. My husband and one of our sons are coming over Labor Day and are making their food list.

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  1. Not really but it's a good burger. You'll likely be disappointed though.

    1. I am a Hopdoddy fan. The line moves fast, and you can order drinks in line. It is pricey and definitely not the ordinary burger - they have about 12 different ones. My fave is the mushroom burger to which I add bacon.

      1. I don't think their hamburgers are any better than a homemade one, so I say no. For some reason lots of people like it (I wasn't impressed enough to go back and try it a second time), but waiting in line for it would be a waste of time for someone coming from out of town.

        1. You might have better luck finding a shorter line at the Anderson Lane location.

          The burgers are good, with interesting toppings, and you can tell it's high-quality beef. But for me, a top-tier burger needs either flame-broiled flavor or a caramelized crust from a hot flattop, and Hopdoddy doesn't do either of those.

          1. If you want a great burger, go to HEB meat dept., get the prime brisket steak burgers, bacon cheddar buns in the bakery, buy a cheap grill and enjoy one of the many great parks in Austin.
            I'm only serious.

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              More often then not in the summer there's a burn ban in city parks. The grilles at my local park are secured with heavy trash bags, so I assume a ban is currently in effect.

            2. It's a good burger but not worth waiting in line for too long, especially if you're from out of town.

              1. If you were planning on going to the one on Anderson Lane, may I suggest Cover 3, which is just about two blocks toward Mopac on the same side of the street? MUCH better burgers and their parm/garlic fries are crave-worthy, plus about the same price and a better selection of beer. Another plus, no wait.

                Trust me, you'll be more pleased with the burger there than at Hopdoddy. I've been twice and kicked myself each time.

                1. Its a good burger but you don't come to Austin for burgers especially coming from the birthplace of the Juicy Lucy.

                  1. nope... It is a burger... like thousands of other "good" burgers.. Hit Austin for what it is famous for

                    1. Minneapolis native here! I love Hopdoddy. Their Greek burger (lamb-based) is worth standing in line for, and different enough than the other great burgers in town to merit the trip, IMO. As others say, the line moves fast. Here are some pretty pictures for you to consider: