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Why Cook Woodfired?

Having cooked in both conventional ovens / kitchens and outdoor wood fired cooking, do people consider wood fired cooking worth the effort and see wood fired cooking as something that is on an upwards trend as people embrace the outdoor entertaining concept?

Why Cook Woodfired?

Modern technology has changed the way people cook. They now can cook easier and faster and while these are great attributes of cooking with modern technology...

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  1. So this is just a not even very thinly veiled attempt to spam your own website.

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    1. I go with wood fired because I can hit temps that will melt steel :)

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          I actually have nothing to sell.. I just found that a lot of the information online around wood fired ovens and wood fired cooking was a little biased so created a niche community site / blog to bring all that info together and make it easier for people to find it, as well as connect with like minded people.

          The question above although seemingly generic had purpose towards validating some points of an article I am working on around changes to social activities centered around cooking.

          Being based in Australia, I can and do see the trend, however assuming this site has a majority of the user base in the US, I wanted to see if it was echoed there as well.

          1. Ok I have been sensored for giving some help to persons seeking to locate smoking wood chip. please I would like to distance myself from this individual I am recommending.
            Let me state I love smoke meat, I am a foodie and I missed. Caribbean food, the real authentic kind and I am open to others.
            So I prefer charcoal fire instead of gas/electric. And I have taste other wood cooking and nothing cooking with allSpice(pimento) wood, nothing I say ok. This wood chip is hard to locate. I got help and just sharing ok.

            1. Well... you tell me.

              Traditionally, woodfired ovens were preferred for their high temperatures. There are also a lot of claims of flavors being imparted from the woodsmoke, but frankly, I think the effect is too subtle to be worthwhile (and anyway, if you want a little woodsmoke, why not just use the same wood to smoke or grill the foodstuff directly, either as part of the cooking process or the entire process?)

              Some of the more modern ovens are generating temperatures equal to those of woodfired ovens, while being easier to maintain. Charcoal is probably easier to maintain too.

              It may be increasingly popular, but that doesn't mean it should be. It's getting easier and cheaper to use other heating mediums to the same effect. For example, people over at pizzamaking.com are making some pretty impressive Neapolitan pies with a gas oven that costs under $500, and will probably fall in price some more (the Blackstone). The Big Green Egg and some of the similar designs can do some impressive work. I've seen some impressive and cheap homemade tandoor designs.

              So why bother building a more traditional wood-fired oven anymore unless you anticipate catering weddings in your backyard?

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                My son's neighbor has a woodfired oven, it was part of a patio remodel, the whole set up was tens of thousands. It's great pizza every independence day when there is a crowd, but there's no way he fires this thing up for two pizzas. When I've been there the gals make the pies and the guys cook them while imbibing an alcoholic beverage. It's a regular assembly line for 10 or 12 pies but lacks practacality for daily use. It's fun and the food is great, but it's also a lot of work unless one has a lot of pizza to make.

              2. We have both oak and apple on our property.

                Both woods are ~wonderful~ for cooking.

                Are you looking to buy?