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Aug 7, 2014 05:31 PM

Sausage Rolls

Are there any bakeries in town that sell savory sausage or beef rolls made with puff pastry? I'm craving some comfort food and this idea, along with about a gallon of beer might hit the spot right about now.

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  1. Merlin's rest has them and beer.

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    1. re: zfwp

      Also George and the Dragon has them as an appetizer. Good Beer list to boot.

    2. There is a food truck in Minneapolis that has rather good ones. Can't think of the name buy it has the union jack flag on the side.

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        1. re: Jordan

          I enjoy Potter's sausage roll but I don't believe they use puff pastry which is what the OP is looking for.

      1. If you can't find good commercial ones (a lot of them have filler in the sausage or use not-so-good puff pastry), I would recommend getting some penzey's breakfast sausage seasoning and Trader Joe's puff pastry (or another brand of puff made with butter) and making your own.

        You can vary the filling (I use 100% ground pork--no beef as it makes it too dry) and sometimes I add chunks of cheese to it--makes the sausage rolls oh so much more delicious (and calorific). And I follow the directions for breakfast sausage on the package (I think 1T for 1lb meat) but I add more ground pepper, and sometimes shallots. I use President's Choice puff (I'm in Canada), and that's the best one I could find in my area. Tenderflake and the like just weren't very good.

        Easy as pie, and you can make extra rolls, slice, freeze, and then bake from frozen when needed, just add 5 more minutes or so. Always a huge hit at potlucks, etc.

        1. If you're open to beef with a spicy curry flavor, Keefer Court has delicious curry-beef rolls in puff pastry. I usually eat them for breakfast or lunch, but I bet they'd be wonderful with beer.

          1. Where can I buy one of these for breakfast? Does Rustica sell anything like this? Any other bakeries?

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