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Aug 7, 2014 04:17 PM

Where to buy onigiri (Japanese rice balls)?

Does any place in Manhattan sell onigiri (Japanese rice balls)?

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  1. I get them at Sunrise Mart on Broome Street - but they don't keep the seaweed separate from the rice - so it gets soft.

    will look forward to hearing other responses.

    1. Cafe Zaiya, E. 41st, a block from Grand Central.

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        This is a little off topic. But I saw a great funny Japanese film called
        Kamome Shokudo ( Kamome Diner) about a Japanese woman who opens a diner in Finland of all places. Rice Balls were her feature item.

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Looks like a fun movie, onigiri in Finland of all places, thanks.

      2. Zaiya(s), Sunrise Market(s), Katagiri, Dainobu.

        1. Lots and lots of places do.

          But I like to get my O-nigiri fix at Yaya.

          1. What neighborhood? I feel like I see them fairly often...
            Actually tried one at the new-ish Wasabi in the middle of times square that was better than i expected....
            Often smaller health food groceries like westerly natural on 8th ave and 54th sell them as well.