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Aug 7, 2014 03:55 PM

$100 Shanhailander fish?

from J Gold in his q and a session, (what is this fish):

"A critical date? Good going! Rowland Heights, as you know, is not exactly rich in romantic restaurants. It might be fun to wrestle a giant lobster at Newport Seafood or blow out your tastebuds over the Sichuan excess at No. 1 Noodle House, but they are pretty specific experiences. You could go for cold Shandong chicken and scallion pancakes at Earthen, then go for a stroll in Schabarum Park - that sounds like fun. Or be a big spender and find out what that $100 fish at Shanghailander could possibly be!"

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  1. I dunno but their live steam fish is $37/lb. 3 pounds of that will set you back a bill.

    1. the shanghailander palace menu

      lists reeves shad at $99.95.

      once commonly found in the yangtze, apparently reeves shad is found only in the pearl river/river delta due to over pollution.

      doing a quick google search, according to:

      between the effects of pollution and overfishing it was on the verge of extinction in the late 90's. there's actually some interesting reading in the article. i never knew that there was a shad foundation.

      apparently it's a house special for the jade garden restaurant chain (beijing shanghai HK & macao) that specializes in shanghaiese cuisine. given how serious shanghai is about food, that says to me that it's a relatively big deal, though i can't be sure if it's *that* good, or just the fact that it's become so rare.

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        I think you can blow $100 on fish at a lot of places such as Sea Harbour which import live fish from locations like Australia. I think what distinguishes Shanghailander is the flat $99.95 price on this item.