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Aug 7, 2014 03:39 PM

New Chef Chang on Mass. Ave.

Any word as to whether this outpost is in any way related to the old Chef Chang's House on Beacon Street in Brookline?

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    1. I'm excited, great to have another non-Chinatown Sichuan option.

      Is it possible that the Thailand Cafe folks are behind this? In addition to plenty of standard Sichuan and Xinjiang dishes, the online menu lists:

      Pad Thai (Thailand Style) $11.95

      1. I ate there tonight. The owner (or manager) says that he just brought the chef over from Henan. I believe that the owner himself is from Shandong. As far as I can tell, this is not best thought of as a Sichuan restaurant, though they do have some regional spread which includes Sichuan dishes.

        I tried two dishes: the Xinjiang big plate chicken with noodles, and the pea pod stems. I've never had a Chinese dish similar to the Xinjiang chicken; the best comparison that I can think of is to a vindaloo. It's a chicken stew, cooked with wheat noodles, onions and bell peppers, chili, and vinegar. Really tasty. The pea pod stems were very fresh.

        I saw other tables eating Northern dishes which looked quite good: mantou, rou jia mo, and stir fries served with some sort of bread (which were labeled on the menu as "Chinese pancakes"). So this is pretty exciting -- there's some overlap with the the Sichuan restaurants, and maybe some with Gene's, but it looks like they're doing something unique around here.

        1. This isn't House of Chang, right? I can't seem to find a website.

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            It's at 30 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, in the former Wine Cellar location.


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              Do you mean Chef Changs House?

              No, it isn't related.

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                I called today to see if the full menu was available at lunchtime and was told I could order dinner at lunch.


              2. Adding Chinese name of restaurant to enhance googleability of this thread 食香阁