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Aug 7, 2014 01:59 PM

Eden Wok Closing!

According to Koshertopia, Eden Wok in midtown Manhattan will be closing! I know it isn't anything amazing, but it's nice to have Chinese food available.

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  1. There's still Buddha Bodai. I know it's vegetarian but it's so much better than Eden Wok.

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      1. re: CloggieGirl

        Buddha Bodhai is AUTHENTIC Chinese. Nothing else quite like it, whether in Chinatown Manhattan or Flushing Chinatown. I also enjoy the similar places in Philly, now under IKC (Rabbi Zev Schwarz).

        As long as Eden Wok in New Rochelle, with the buffet, is still going, I'm happy. I didn't care for the Manhattan location much. I love the buffet in New Rochelle. Chap a Nosh has a Chinese buffet Monday nights in Brooklyn, if anyone else is interested.

      2. And I know there is still Gan Asia, but it is more expensive, and only take out.

        1. According to posts by Elan Kornblum of Great Kosher Restaurants, who recently spoke to the owners of Eden Wok, they are not and never were closing. I can't imagine why Koshertopia would have made a false report like this, or further why they are not retracting the news flash. I for one am thrilled as I have been outsourcing all of my Sushi stations to them for years and don't think that there is anyone in the local NYC kosher scene that does a better job.

          Note for the Mod gods - while I am a kosher chef and caterer, and customer of Eden Wok, I have no relation or interest in the company and am simply here set the record strait.

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          1. re: gotcholent

            Thanks for setting this straight. Hope to see you late Sunday afternoon on our turf.

            1. re: gotcholent

              Koshertopia did not make a false report. Their lease was up and initial reports were they were closing. (The poremuises was listed as available for rent). They strcuk a deal with their landlord only recently and are staying.

              1. re: robocop

                Sorry officer, but real estate speculations and possibly shady negotiating ploys by the landlord are not the same thing as a restaurant owner announcing that they are closing their doors, the later of which did not happen. The facts on the ground are simply that Eden Wok never made such an announcement and are in fact NOT closing so it was a false report and one that was in fact damaging to the restaurant's business. Even if everything you say is true, why would Koshertopia not want to report on the joyful update? Hey Robocop, out of curiosity, do you have any connection to koshertopia and how did you come by the real estate info? I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but your post strikes me as an interestingly peculiar tangent.