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Aug 7, 2014 01:43 PM

lunch near blanche beads N bergenfield, or on the way home

going on mini adventure to this store beads by blanche. Taking the tappan zee towards north Bergenfield. Looking for recs for tomorrow for lunch either nearby (5/10 minutes) or on the way back towards the bridge. thanks and sorry for short notice.

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  1. Less than a mile north from Beads by Blanche is Fink's BBQ Smokehouse in Dumont. Besides the regular menu, which has plenty of fine choices, lunch features their daily special carving station. I believe that the theme of Friday's carving station is "Hog Heaven" featuring something interesting out of the smoker that is pork-centric.

    1. Agreed...if you like smoked/BBQ/etc. -- Fink's is the best in my opinion. Check their menu online.

      1. There is a small Mexican restaurant almost across the street from Blanche. Leslie can point it out to you. The food there is very good.

        That said, I'm dying to try Fink's, so it might take precedence.