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Aug 7, 2014 01:41 PM

Great Eastern's deep-fried pumpkin and egg yolk ball [San Francisco]

We went to Great Eastern earlier this week for the first time. Really liked it a lot and were glad we got there at 11:00 since it filled up after that. On the recommendations from this board, we got the pumpkin and egg yolk balls and loved them - crispy light texture and not too sweet. I've never had this before and was curious about how it's made. Where was the pumpkin and where was the egg yolk? There was some yellow filling inside. Was that the egg yolk? Is this a common type of dim sum? I haven't noticed it on other menus, but maybe I wasn't paying attention. Just curious and always looking to be better educated about dim sum. Thanks!

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  1. That's a good question. I just assumed it was a version of the pumpkin with salted egg yolk (where the egg yolk is the coating on the pumpkin/kabocha). But one should never assume!

    1. Here's a pic of what we're talking about:

      Because the filling is mixed into a smooth molten consistency, the salted egg yolk flavor isn't as prominent in these as it is in the deep fried pumpkin "fries" coated in salty egg yolk. The menu lists the deep-fried pumpkin and egg yolk ball as: 南瓜流沙球 . Google translates that as "Pumpkin quicksand ball" and there are lots of pics of this item too.

      The filling is different, but is the dough the same as in deep fried or grilled pumpkin balls?