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Aug 7, 2014 01:22 PM

Kosher Aperol

Hi - since I trip to Venice I've been obsessed with making my own 'Spritz' cocktails at home. Does anyone have tips on places to buy kosher Campari or Aperol? I've had trouble - tried lots of liquor stores in Brooklyn and so on... thanks!

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  1. Campari is listed as kosher by the London Beit Din. If you're ok with their list then you can get it at most stores, including Gotham. Aperol unfortunately doesn't show up on their list.

    But in the interest of full disclosure, Campari is on the Star K not approved list. So AYLR.

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      Campari with a hecsher is is available in Israel. I always have friends/relatives bring back Campari and vermouth. FWIW, Campari is probably fine w/o a hechser - they used to use carmine coloring, but now they only use artificial coloring. It's probably the same for for Aperol. But ask your LOR.

      1. re: CWY

        I think the need for a hechsher is only because there may still be old stock from when they used carmine. Liquor lasts forever, and people often keep it forever, and if some kashrus agency says Campari is OK people won't know that it didn't use to be, and will end up drinking the old treif bottles.

        1. re: zsero

          The bottle will indicate if it has artificial color. Every bottle of Aperol and Campari I have looked at says on so on the label.

          1. re: CWY

            Carmine is considered a natural color. If made in Europe, the bottle will have E120 as an ingredient if it has carmine.

            1. re: DeisCane

              Luxardo's Bitter is an excellent approximation of Campari and is on the kosher liqueur list, use that

              1. re: agika

                sorry, I don't agree, especially as Luxardo has a taste/aroma of Rhubarb: which I detest.

                See the comparison:

                1. re: bagelman01

                  Trying to make do with replacement options is the way if you want to stick with the kosher items. What about doctoring the mixture with a generous amount of squeezed lemon, using Angostura bitters to cover up anything objectionable? Short of getting on the plane to buy your hechshered Campari in Israel.

                  1. re: agika

                    The OP did NOT ask for substitutions for Campari. When one was suggested I gave both my personal opinion and that of a blogger:

                    As mentioned downthread, Campari is now made with artificial color, not carmine. It is on the approved list of The London Beth Din which is good enough for me. It is a product of the EU and I would defer to a European Kashrut authority. If it was an American product I might give some weight to the Star-k, but in this case I don't.

                    1. re: bagelman01

                      On this page the LBD says "Information applies to products sold in the UK. Products on sale in other countries (even if manufactured in the UK) may have different formulations."
                      So, in theory, the US product could be different.
                      I contacted Campari and will have a look at the bottle in my local shop. Maybe it has the LBD's symbol on it…

    2. Thanks all - I like rhubarb so will try Luxardo!

      1. So the plot thickens... Luxardo is on the CRC list as kosher only if marked as so on the bottle, and the bottles I have found have to hashgacha.

        1. Oh and I'm happy with substitutes, for the record :).