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Aug 7, 2014 01:11 PM

Private room for Birthday Party - 12-14 adults, 6 kids

Looking for a private room for my dad's 70th birthday party. He is young at heart and loves to have a good time! There will be 12-14 adults, and 6 kids ranging from 3 years old to 8 year old. All are used to dining out. Giada was at the top of our list, but it's a over our budget since they are requiring a minimum $150 per person AND CHILD!? Anyway, I digress...

Would love suggestions on family friendly places - I love the idea of a family style menu. Maximum of $100-$150 per person is fine, assuming we don't need to pay this much for the kids who barely eat anything. Open to any type of cuisine - as long as there are vegetarian options (fish/sushi okay). On or off strip, though strip would be preferred. Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. There is a Buca Di Beppo on East Flamingo about a mile east of the Strip. There is a Maggiano's on the Strip at the Fashion Show Mall. Sometime ago someone posted that they had good success at Smith and Wollensky. I don't think you'll find much success in finding a discount for children being that this is Las Vegas.

    1. The Bootlegger, at 7700 Las Vegas Boulevard South (702-741-4135), does a pretty good job with this kind of event, and at your father's age he may particularly enjoy the "old school" vibe. A couple of private rooms available, and a broad enough menu to make most folks happy (particularly the children).

      1. Thank you for the suggestions. I have been to both Buca Di Beppo and Maggiano's in LA - and probably looking for a non-chain. I'll look into S&W and Bootlegger. Keep the ideas coming!

        1. What about Jaleo? I saw that they have a private room. Very tasty food and tapas are a family style item in my book. I don't know if they have a per person charge for the private room.
          A number of the places that come right to mind would be steakhouses including the Barrymore and Andiamos. I think that that depends on how much your vegetarian is willing to go with a nice set of veggie side dishes.

          Finally, you might also look at Cili at the Bali Hai country club on the strip (south of Mandalay bay). They have very good private rooms and you could customize your menu. I have not been there recently for an event but have been favorably impressed in the past.

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            The one private room we had at Jaleo was a cool room and very comfortable. However may be too small for your party (they may have others...?).

            One pet peeve of are tapas "family style"? If the concept of a small dish is what a tapas is then how can it be shared? It is NOT a dig on you LVN (appreciate and like your writings a lot!) but rather the restaurants. When we ate at Jaleo in June one of our waiters said "most people order three or four dishes and everybody shares them." How do you share a two or three bit dish.

            Sorry for the digression!

            1. re: LVI

              At tapas places, I do the Lotus strategy with big groups. Order several of each dish.

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                Thank you for the suggestion of Jaleo. The private room only holds 13, but they can accommodate us in the dining room. They sent me a variety of prix fixe menu options to pick from - starting at $56 per person. The kids do not need to pay this price, but they said we could order a few "kid-friendly" items ala carte if we wanted. Sangria $45 pp for 2 hours or beer/wine for $28. Still looking at other alternatives, but leaning towards Jaleo.

                1. re: LVI

                  First, glad to hear that Jaleo looks like it will work out for Obessed and his family. I do think it's a pretty fun place and the Cosmo has a very lively atmosphere. I have noticed that children seem to be allowed to sit on the outer banquettes of the Chandelier bar if people are interested in a cocktail.

                  I hear what you are saying, LVI, on tapas not being family style in the way, for example, a good serving of pasta or a large salad would be (which I agree is very traditionally family style). I guess in this context, with multiple generations and eclectic tastes, the thought of many dishes that people can sample, seemed family style-esque . I find that I follow Dave Feldman's strategy at a tapas or small plate restaurant, that we order multiples of items for groups so that every three or four people have the garlic shrimp, for example. Then usually people don't have to pass too far, and get a fairly substantial portion. I almost always make it more difficult myself at true Spanish tapas restaurants by ordering the gazpacho, which is my personal then one person out of a dozen has a soup, whilst the rest are proceeding to devour the other delicious food.

                  Glad that they were able to work with you at Jaleo, and look forward to hearing a report!