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Aug 7, 2014 01:07 PM

Katz's has anyone ever seen a reenactment of a Meg Ryan moment there ????

Just curious.


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  1. I think I saw something on you tube where like 50 women were all reenacting the orgasm at once. I also think I reenacted that orgasm while biting into a juicy pastrami sandwich.

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      1. Supposedly they see someone do it once a week.

        Now how am I supposed to explain this to my kids if we see one. I have trouble looking for parking near that sex musuem in flatiron as it is

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        1. re: Ziggy41

          Ziggy41-just tell kids it's a seizure

          1. re: Ziggy41

            "kids, the pastrami is that damn good"

          2. I've seen it multiple times over the years. I used to go to a beer bar in that area and stop by Katz's 3-4 times a month late night. Really late night, like on weekends after 2-4am, it may happen more than once. I even saw a chain reaction with a dozen tables once.

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            1. re: JMF

              No...but I did see a marriage proposal which ended in the woman shaking her head, muttering "" and bolting for the door. The guy got up from one knee and nervously made a self deprecating joke to which a member of the crowded room proceeded to respond with a heartbreaking (and yet highly amusing) slow clap.

              Changed my order to make it "to-go" and went home to share my pastrami on rye and knoblewurst sandwiches with my wife (who i did not propose to in Katz's).

              1. re: 12jenny

                I think I was there that night, because that's exactly what happened in the chain reaction I described above.