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Aug 7, 2014 12:53 PM

Cedarburg, WI - Any opinions on August Weber Haus?

We have friends that live in Cedarburg and several years ago went to August Weber Haus with them for dinner. The food was nothing note worthy and we have never returned. Our friends sent us this very interesting link about the restaurant. Has anyone else been there and what did you think of the food and overall experience?

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  1. Um, not great. Not been there since the police.

    1. We did not get drugged if that's what you were alluding to...

      We dined there several years ago. I do recall the owner being VERY friendly and really engaging with us. Very creepy in hindsight. I think the food was ok, but not anything we were excited to get back to.

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        No, that was not what I was "alluding to".

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          Sorry, but that's the question that would be on my mind!

      2. Late to the post, but....
        until the arrest, we ate there twice. Fair/better than average. Damning praise at best. Second time was due to people wanting to go there. May I also mention that the area has severe lax enforcement of health codes?

        The tuesday Theinsville farmers market is really awesome. Well worth a visit. Surprosingly, you can spend the day there with food and entertainment. I really regret that it got so popular.

        1. Went there last Saturday night. Owner wasn't around but the place was packed. We enjoyed tapas on the patio. Seems strange they went through all the trouble of bringing the Feds in but no arrest made. Something doesn't fit here to my husband and I. The food and dessert fondue we ate were amazing and unless this isn't America where you are innocent until proven guilty we will Still dine here!

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            I see that is your first post. Welcome to the board! Which tapas did you have and which ones do you recommend? They did not serve tapas when we were there.

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              We had the bacon wrapped dates with honey! Wow! We also ate the baked Brie which was decent and the ahi tuna server perfectly raw. It says a lot that they are still in business.

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                Sounds interesting. Which other places in OZ or surrounding counties do you frequent/recommend?