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Aug 7, 2014 12:40 PM

Legit "frankfurter" AKA for the uninformed "lobster rolls" in MKE?

St. Paul Seafood at the marketplace has them, or had. I haven't been there for years and never will return. There was a very smelly (drunk?) that had not shaved/bathed and was a true a-hole when we went there for a lunch when they opened. He thought he was witty and in the first time since I met my better-two-thirds she told me we were walking out and eating elsewhere. In 30 years this was her only place she demanded we walk out of due to the service. Kinda sad because I liked the cubs fan that always was awesome to my father and myself. But such a horrendous experience will never have me visit again.

Anyway, anyone know of proper "frankfurter" rolls in the Milwaukee area?
Chicago Metallic sells the forms.

Oh, BTW, my cub scouts (now Eagle Scouts) once ran a test for a badge that required sampling. There was a badge following, etc. Usingers beat out Nathan's. The frankfurter rolls browned in a sandwich press scored much higher than hot dog rolls. They were once available in the freezer at Woodman's.

If anyone MKE sees a 1940's sandwich press cheap, please let me know.

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  1. Exvaxman, your experience at the St. Paul Seafood joint located within the Milwaukee Public Market seems to be more common these days based upon what I have heard from people that live in the Third Ward.

    I was surprised when a tourist and Chowhound from Germany recently said this about the St. Paul Seafood joint in Milwaukee:

    "That fish place makes for a nice (and cheap!!) lunch."

    1. I hope you find those rolls you were looking for. I'm sure MKE natives would love nothing more than to help you out -- they're an incredibly helpful and friendly bunch :-)

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        Milwaukee is a "great city on a great lake". I love it here except for the weird politics and incredibly bad taxes. Depending on whether or not my kid goes to a state school next year after HS, we may be moving to a much lower taxed area. We pay more in taxes than a huge retirement home would charge for rent. Several other parents are saying the same thing. However, this is not the forum for that discussion. I have known many folks that have moved here to raise their kids because of the better values we seem to have. One of which took a $1M drop in pay to get here when he found out his wife was pregnant. (cough, cough LA).

        1. re: exvaxman

          Speaking as just an occasional visitor to your city for conferences mostly (tho my man lived there for several years during grad school), I don't have much knowledge about either local taxes or politics -- nor is this the proper forum to discuss such things, as you rightly pointed out.

          Good luck on your hamburger roll search!

          1. re: linguafood

            Fankfurter rolls, to support Weiners/lobster rolls/ etc.
            Milwaukee and the surrounding areas are fantastic for sausages. Of any kind. (I include brats here). My kid is looking at a college that a very famous brat producer offers hours that fit with their schedule and free rides to the plant to help with tuition. There is really is a "Wisconsin state of mind".

            Oh, after several locals described conditions at Marquette with scary things, he is refusing to go there. I am hoping your partner was UWM!

              1. re: exvaxman

                Now you have your answer, exvaxman. The partner went to "U of C" in Milwaukee. I have heard that the U of C or University of Culvers, as it is known, turns out some better than average graduates.

            1. re: exvaxman

              Exvaxman, you named two of the most significant reasons why I moved out of Milwaukee many years ago. I do miss the restaurants though. For it's size, Milwaukee really has vibrant and diverse restaurant options.

              1. re: Fowler

                Milwaukee is a real gem. I will miss it when we move, but the taxes are so fricking high, there was a reason Wisconsin was ranked 51st out of 50 states and the district of columbia as a place to retire when we moved here. Every person I knew who retired is either moving or has moved. Taxes plain and simple. But a vibrant eating scene, fantastic local foodstuffs (outside of lamb).
                Oh, when we move, probably 8000 cookbooks are up for sale.
                I'm torn as to the 100 my wife is letting me keep.

          2. King's Hawaiian makes the same form hot dog rolls now - so that's a start.