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Aug 7, 2014 12:08 PM

First NOLA Trip Where I Can Actually Choose Restaurants

So, after a handful of bachelor parties/weddings in New Orleans, I am finally heading down there with the opportunity to make my own itinerary. Needless to say, am beyond excited. Realize I could probably scour the board and pull together some ideas, but am strapped for time so was hoping I could get some specific advice. Thanks in advance for the help!

Have 4 lunches and 3 dinners to plan. One dinner is definitely Cochon, and one lunch is definitely Emeril's (I enjoyed Delmonico's and NOLA, and the lady wants to try one of his places). So that leaves me with 3 lunches and 2 dinners. Basically looking for all-around best food I can find -- prefer lower key places to fancy (e.g., not going to Galatoire's, but would consider R-Evolution if the food is really that good). Any price point is fine. Staying at the W in the French quarter -- happy to cab now and then, but would prefer walkable places (we are willing to walk pretty far, even in the heat -- sadly seems like a lot of good places are Uptown).

One specific request -- really want to find a great Po-Boy (have been to Mother's and was unimpressed -- how is Killer Po-Boys?) one day for lunch.

Thanks again!

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  1. When I was in New Orleans in December we had lunch a few times at Cochon Butcher (it's near the convention center). I was great.
    We spent one day Uptown. We took the street car and walked back to the CBD. We got as far as Domilise's for a Po-Boy and that was a great experience. Also stopped into Casamento's for oysters. We had dinner at Herbsaint (which was very good) and Peche (that one was awesome, I guess I was on Donald Link thing).

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      I would definitely go to Cochon Butcher and probably try one of John Besh’s restaurants, perhaps Domenica. Restaurant August has a great 3-course $20 lunch deal. Coquette would be the closest great restaurant to downtown in the Uptown area. It’s near one of the cemeteries that you can tour if you do lunch there. Casamento’s is closed this time of year. A great place in the FQ is Sylvain. Others might recommend Cane & Table, but I went for the first time the other day and I didn’t get it at all. I would check out Three Muses on Frenchman Street for live music and great small plates. The restaurant in your hotel is also really hip (SoBou). I would stop there for small plates and good drinks.

    2. I've enjoyed Killer Po-Boys on two visits but it's not traditional if that's what you are looking for. While the food was just ok at Saint Lawrence their frozen Pimms Cups are worth the walk from your hotel - it's only a few blocks.

      I'm also in the camp of enjoying Cochon Butcher more than Cochon and with the bigger space you can actually sit and eat now.

      Check out Toup's Meatery out towards City Park, the Canal Street/Museum street car runs by it - do lunch and you could stop at Pandora's for a sno-ball too.