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Aug 7, 2014 11:08 AM

KitchenAid for the cook -ISO Innovative stand mixer uses (savory)

So I had cake for dinner last night - well, all the makings of cake anyway once I was done with all the batter licking, whipped cream sampling and trim nibbling I had no appetite for a slice of the actual cake - a nice little whip-cream frosted homemade berry jam filled layer cake. Why? because I wanted to take my new KitchenAid Stand Mixer for a spin (I scored a artisan model with paddle, hook, beater, bowl and shield for $14)

this can't happen again - I am not much of a baker and I don't particularly love sweets (or need mountains of them around the house)

So cooks, tell me how I can use this lovely machine to transform my savory cooking - open the Pandora's box for me.

I will definitely look into a meat grinder attachment, that was a big reason for the purchase what else do I need?

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  1. What a deal you got!!! Holy smokes, that is a bargain! Good for you! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    I use my Artisan for yeast breads. I make challah and various whole grain breads. I like to use the dough hook to start off the mixing and kneading, leaving less "by hand" kneading for me to complete throughout the process.

    I love making whipped cream and merengue using the beater/wisk attachment.

    I, too, need more ideas on how to take advantage of this awesome appliance!

    1. Make bread & pizza dough, mix crusts (and the fillings) for quiches & other savory pies (especially If you're getting the grinder attachment). Mix up homemade sausage (consider the stuffer accessories) dips, whip mashed potatoes. Consider the pasta attachment, too.

      Definitely envious of your acquisition; how in hell did you score that deal?

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        pies is good - I never make savory pies for fear of making crusts. That could be a nice add.

        Is the pasta attachment really worth it over my Atlas roller? Does the mixer do a good job of making pasta dough? I love homemade pasta but it is such a mess on the pastry board.

        How did I score that deal? Thrift store luck! It was - sitting among the low end juicers and bread machines etc - in the box so not conspicuous I guess they priced it like it was a blender or something. As I was carrying out some dude coming in looked at the box and was like "that's nice" I was like "yep" :)

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          I would read up on the thread about the grinder attachment here on CH before getting one. It changed my mind. Sorry I'm helpless with searching so no link.

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            ha there are some threads with accolades but I think I found the one you refer too - well yuk but if I can find it cheap I will try it - I like the idea of being able to grind my own meats for variety/controll but we will see I have a vintage "climax" meat grinder (damn that sounds wrong) I have yet to use maybe I should give it a whirl.

        2. $14.00? You make me sick! Lol

          Seriously, good for you!

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            sorry, it was $14.80 - hey win some loose some would you like to meet my leaky breville blender... meh - the house always wins.

          2. I use mine to gently shred cooked meats (chicken breasts, pork butt, roasts) using the paddle. After shredding chicken breasts I add the rest of the ingredients and mix chicken salad.

            The meat grinder is ok. You can buy some fabulous plates on Amazon that really make it work like a charm.

            I use my pasta rollers and cutters frequently. They are much easier than the manual variety. I recently bought the new pasta extruder and it works well, too.