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Aug 7, 2014 10:50 AM

Wine in MArinara Sauce

I'm trying to make marinara sauce for the 1st time and everytime I google it the best ones have wine in them.

I don't want to put wine, would leaving that out have a big impact?

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  1. no it just adds some dimension - replace liquid with some stock and add a bit of sugar to make up for the sugar you are loosing.

    IMO wine makes most things better but it is not necessary for sauce.

    1. Well, the alcohol brings out some of the flavor elements in the tomato, but leaving it out won't have that much of an effect, since you won't know the difference. A splash of vodka could be used in place of the wine, if not having wine around is the issue. If the issue is alcohol itself, just leave it out. You may need a bit of lime or lemon juice if you do leave the wine out. Your taste will tell you.

      1. Leaving out the wine won't make it worse. Different, but not worse. In fact, I generally only add wine if I'm making a meat sauce. For a marinara, I probably wouldn't add wine.

        I don't know what kind of a recipe you're following, but if you're sauteeing any onions, garlic or other vegetables before adding the tomatoes, I'd add some tomato paste to the pot at the end of the sautee time. Caramelize it a little bit to add depth of flavor, mix it into the other saute ingredients, then add your tomatoes. A little bit of anchovy added at that time (before the tomatoes are added) is good, too. You'll never taste anchovy, but it adds that "umami" quality.

        1. Not sure what you consider the "best" recipes but many people (and not just hacks like me) routinely omit wine from marinara. You need the soffrito, yes, and good tomatoes but not wine.

          1. I don't add wine to my marinara at all. I only add wine when I am making a sauce with sausages or a ragu.

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