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Aug 7, 2014 09:57 AM

Food trucks

I'm thinking of going to the Night Market next week. What are the can't miss food trucks?

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  1. There's going to be a LOT of food trucks there!

    Hopefully the sheer number of options will reduce the lines a bit.

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      Wow the food truck scene seems much improved than when I was a student in University City and the healthiest option was that ubiquitous fresh-fruit truck.

    2. You know, I always hesitate to suggest food trucks to anyone visiting Philly - if only because they'd have to track them down and menus generally rotate. However, this summer there has been a pretty scheduled set at Love Park, City Hall, Eakin's Oval, and the Skate Park which make it easier to try new (and old)trucks. This schedule is pretty reliable:
      Yesterday, I got a chicken caesar pita from the Say Cheese truck and it was actually really remarkable. Grilled chicken, arugula, and fresh (in season) tomatoes on a grilled pita.

      1. I know the Night Market has passed, but on the subject of good trucks generally, I just tried Foolish Waffles and it was pretty great. I was with a group that tried several different combos--Fried Chicken Waffle; the breakfast sandwich waffle; a liege waffle with speculoos and mascarpone cream. All were terrific. The quality of the waffles themselves is first rate, and all of the fillings were delicious. Nice portion size too--decadent but not over the top.