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Aug 7, 2014 08:57 AM

Prime Brisket

Where can I buy prime brisket in San Antonio?

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  1. maybe you ought to try the texas board. Seems like more SA stuff there.

    1. I buy prime briskets at Costco here in Austin. I'd imagine most Costcos would have the same items.

      1. Prime grade or a brisket primal cut ( IE the whole brisket)?

        Costco has prime grade off and on but almost always has whole primals. I'm not in SA but I am in Texas.

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        1. Some of the HEB's (in Austin, at least) now distinguish between select, choice, and prime with prices to match. They used to charge the same price for all of them, but now that brisket is trendy they have different price points for each grade.

          Hancock HEB has them them, for example. Look in SA for HEB's "Prime 1" brand and be prepared to pay about $5.47/lb. 7 years ago brisket was $.99-$1.28/lb. 5 years ago it was $1.78 (heck, even pork butt is now up to $2.97).

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            My Costco ( in Texas but not SA) had the whole Prime grade briskets at 40 cents more a pound than their choice ones in May ( choice is below 3 dollars a pound). We didn't have them in stock when I was there a few days ago. I think we get the prime grade in near each usual cookout holiday. So we might see prime again soon for Labor Day.