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Aug 7, 2014 08:25 AM

Carnitas help

I have my pork shoulder cooked in the crockpot but the next step in most recipes is to then evaporate all the liquid and make the shoulder crisp. How am I supposed to do that with it in the crockpot? Should I take the meat and put it in a big ol' skillet and just heat it up until I'm done?

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  1. Crock Pot and crisp can not co exist together. Heat the sliced/pulled pork in a skillet to crisp it up.

    1. Or on a baking pan/cookie sheet under the broiler. It probably won't work so well in the crockpot.

      1. Here's a recipe that starts in the slow cooker and finishes on the stovetop.

        1. I start mine in the crockpot as well but then finish broiler or skillet.

          1. What I've seen done in some places is the carnitas is cooked and the crisping is done on the flat top.

            That's what I would recommend is to take the meat out and crisp in the skillet or as mentioned above under the broiler. You're wanting to get a little browning going.

            However, the browning step is optional, if the carnitas has good flavor the browning is just a little added bonus.

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              Ok that makes sense. That sounds good. I have a food trailer and was thinking about just heating up the meat to order on the flattop griddle. Thanks