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Aug 7, 2014 08:10 AM

Happy hours/cheaper local treats for guests from Europe

I have two friends visiting from the UK and Germany this September, and have been trying to think of fun DC food spots that are on the less spendy side. Whether it's great happy hours, dive bars, ethnic options - that'd be great. We will most likely be limiting ourselves to DC, but I do live in Arlington and am thinking of maybe doing one Ethiopian meal at Skyline.

We all know one another from living together in Jerusalem - so while I'm pretty open to cuisines, I'm not so interested in Middle Eastern options.

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  1. Is pork okay?

    In DC proper:
    Mi Cuba Cafe (Columbia Heights), lovely and bright spot, great prices; not sure if they have a liquor license
    G Sandwich (U Street), comfortable seating, counter service, good and interesting sandwiches
    Daikaya ramen (Chinatown), yummy, a bit noisy, you won't be able to just hang out there forever; Sakuramen (Adams Morgan) is also an option. Lots of bars around there.

    I like the happy hour (including great food) at Boqueria (Dupont), GBD (Dupont), St. Arnolds (Dupont). Good beer at the latter 2.

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      Thank you for the options - and yes, pork is ok. No religious or dietary concerns to address, and great to know about places with good beer.

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        Good beer, to name a few with happy hour food/drink specials: Alba Osteria, City Taphouse, RFD, Right Proper Brewing Company.

    2. Fast Gourmet, inside a gas station at 14th and V, get the chivito, a Uruguayan sandwich with lots of ingredients including steak, egg, olives, cheese, pork. Had this a couple of weeks ago, and despite the change of ownership, still one of the great sandwiches of DC. Also they have an excellent cubano and very good corn empanadas.

      DC-3, a hot dog place on 8th SE. Go for the Seoul hot dog with bulgogi and kimchi (a must order). Also good is the Tuscon Sonoran and a the Jersey Riper, hot dog wrapped in bacon.

      El Rinconcito at 11ht and M for Salvadoran food. Get the carne dshilada , papusas, and tamales.

      Add to this, pizza at Happy Hour at Ghibelina. Half price, at the bar only.
      Accessible by metro:

      Sibarita in Arlington for Bolivian food. Get the silpancho.

      1. There are SOOOOO many options so I'll name a few. Most restaurant/bars have happy hour specials.

        Taylor Gourmet, G Sandwich, and various lobster shacks (and trucks) for sandwiches. The Shrimp rolls at the lobster places are usually good values.

        Ramen at Daikaya (downstairs) I think is about $15 but very good.

        1/2 price pizzas on happy hour at Alba Osteria. They have good craft beers too.

        Taqueria El Charrito Caminante in Arlington and Taqueria Distrito Federal in DC. Caminante is tiny and only has stools.

        I like Etete in DC for Ethiopian.

        Burger night (mondays) at Whitlows) Wing Night (weds) at Hard Times in Clarendon.

        Casa Oaxaca has a discount appetizer night (I forget which night).